Psychology homework help

Due: Final PowerPoint: 11:59 pm EST Sunday of Unit 7
Points: 100


You have been working at the Willie Wonka Toy Factory for approximately 6 months
now. Your supervisor has given you your 6month employment evaluation, which was
excellent. As a result of your great work, your supervisor has informed you that he has
chosen you to be tasked with developing educational toys for children. You are excited
about this opportunity and readily agree to tackle this challenge.

You are assigned to the Research & Development (R&D) Toy Concept Committee.
Your instruction is to create a prototype for a NEW, developmentally appropriate,
educational toy.

The committee chair (Instructor) reminds you that the toy is an organic, dynamic process,
therefore, it is not possible to detail all that must go into developing your toy or final write
up. What is written below is to serve as a guide to your openended, creative process.
You are the creator, the researcher, and the developer. You will take this project from
idea inception to presenting ideas for a prototype model. You are not actually making a
physical toy but are presenting the ideas in a PowerPoint written format. Pictures
and/or graphs should be included.
Psychology homework help
PowerPoint Presentation Instructions:

Your PowerPoint presentation should address the following:

1. Name and Aspect of Development: Name your toy and identify the aspect
of development (e.g., cognitive, linguistic, socioemotional, or physical) your
toy addresses. This should be a revised version of your unit 4 slides
incorporating instructor feedback.

2. Literature Review (A minimum of 3 slides): Find and discuss at least
three scholarly articles that provide relevant background information on the
area of development you are targeting (e.g., cognitive, linguistic,
socioemotional, or physical) This should be a revised version of your unit 4
slides incorporating instructor feedback.

3. Toy Description: Describe the novel toy you created including the
dimensions and features of your final prototype. Include graphics and/or

PSY201 Child Development

Toy Project, Part 2: Final Presentation

4. Function/Developmental Relevance: What is the function of your toy? How
does it work? How does your toy enhance any aspect of development?

5. Marketability: What is the target gender, age, location, and any other subject
variables that apply? How is this toy necessary? How does it fill a void in the toy
market? How is your toy an improvement over existing models already on the

6. Bias: Is there any bias associated with your toy? Address any bias issues
relating to culture, gender, abilities/disabilities, etc. How could you modify your
toy to meet the needs of other cultures, abilities/disabilities?

7. Conclusion: Provide concluding remarks including ideas for future
product improvement.

8. References (Slide): This includes the three scholarly articles and any
other resources used.

Be sure to read the criteria by which your work will be evaluated before you write
and again after you write. Psychology homework help

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