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Discussion Board (5 points): Let’s expand our general understanding of recent events around abortion. (Regardless of how one may feel about it, this is an important issue and it is not an issue going away anytime soon.) Go online and learn about recent legislative moves with respect to abortion access.


Society attempts to address different aspects of abortion in a variety of ways – constantly proposing new laws. What are some of the policies/laws being advocated for or opposed today? One topic is fine. For example, you might read up on “Personhood Amendments,” “Texas Abortion Ban” or the “Mexico City Policy.” Whatever piece you read, try to identify charitable/serious ethical arguments on both sides of that issue. (Who supports this move and why? Who opposes it and what is their argument? Summarize the debate on both sides as you understand it from the reading.) Share this information with the class, cite your sources, and share your personal opinion in a thoughtful and respectful way. We can discuss deeply held values without inflammatory language and this topic is a great opportunity to practice this skill. Your original post is due Thursday, March 24th and your response to a classmate is due Sunday, March 27th. Remember your word count for each post and the importance/possibility of pop-assessments for the discussion board. (See instructions in our Syllabus.) Psychology homework help

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