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Behavioral And Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy

Case Study Question from Chapter 11:

“Emily was sick of her husband, Ralph, coming home at night and immediately starting to watch television. He expected her to serve him dinner- a meat and two veggies- and to be quiet so he could watch his shows” (Gladding, 2019, p. 255). One day Emily casually askes her husband if he would consider attending couple’s counseling. He reluctantly consents, as an act to please his wife. If you were this couple’s therapist, which techniques of Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavioral Family Counseling would you consider and why?


Chapter 11

  1. Behavioral and cognitive-behavioral family therapy do not focus on the affective domain. How does this limit the usefulness of the approach? How would you work with a client who focuses primarily in the affective domain?

Chapter 12

  1. Discuss Carl Whitaker’s statement “experience, not education . . . changes families.” What evidence is there for the effectiveness of Whitaker’s approach? How would you determine when termination is indicated? How would you measure success?

(Equivalent of 1 typed double-spaced page per question) Psychology homework help

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