Psychology homework help

For this article review, you will locate a peer-reviewed article from a scientific journal in the field of psychology based on information from any of the chapters you have read for Test #1.  The article must be based on an original scientific study that contains a clear methods and results section. It should not be a review paper, opinion paper, or article from a magazine. Articles should be recent, published in the last ten years.


Please provide the following elements in your review:

1)      A paragraph or two summarizing the article including:

  1. the objectives of the study (why did the authors conduct the study and what was their research hypothesis?)
  2. a brief description of the methods used (number of subjects, procedure) Psychology homework help
  3. an overview of the results obtained

2)      A paragraph explaining how the authors interpreted the results and what the author(s) concluded from the results.

3)      A paragraph describing your reaction to the study.

  1. Do you have any criticisms or ideas about how the study could have been better?
  2. What does the article contribute to cognitive psychology?
  3. How are the findings relevant to our lives?


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