Psychological Assessment Stage by Stage Case Study

Psychological Assessment Stage by Stage Case Study

Introduction: Psychological Assessment

A psychiatric evaluation, or psychological test, is a procedure used to collect information about a patient with a mental or psychiatric illness to make a conclusion or diagnosis on the patient’s condition (Framingham 1). This usually forms the first part of the treatment process to determine the health condition of the patient before designing a treatment plan (Hunsley 139). The evaluation typically involves social and life history, physical observations, and information from particular psychiatric tests. This is normally done by a psychiatric consultant but can also be done by other specialists in the medical field in a procedural manner such as nurses, therapists, and social workers. In Mohammed’s case, a psychiatric assessment will help his doctor in coming up with a solution to his mental illness. An assessment of a combination of factors ranging from his medical history, social life, educational history, past and present family life, and other elements will help in determining Mohammed’s mental health.Psychological Assessment Stage by Stage Case Study

Biographical History

To determine Mohamed’s mental health I am going to carry out a psychological assessment on several factors in his life. The first element of Mohammed’s life that I will assess is his biographical history. This includes his marital life, work-life, the chronological development of his problems, and development in child life, educational background, and relations with the people in his surroundings. I will find out Mohammed’s current social life and present and past experiences with alcohol and drug use. I will also find out Mohamed’s past treatment and his mental condition history. Analyzing Mohammed’s biographical history will help in determining how his surroundings and past life have influenced his mental state.Psychological Assessment Stage by Stage Case Study

Mental State

A second assessment that I will do on Mohammed is an examination of his mental state. Assessing his mental health will help in establishing his current mental status. I will assess Mohammed’s physical appearance, temperament, the frame of mind, thinking, point of view, behavior, ability to memorize, ability to focus, and judgment. The main aim of assessing all these factors is to get an all-inclusive picture of Mohammed’s state of mind. I will get this information by allowing Mohammed to speak freely. I will accord Mohammed an environment that is conducive to allow give him enough crucial information that will be necessary for establishing his mental state (Fernández-Ballesteros 138).Psychological Assessment Stage by Stage Case Study

Physical Examination of Mohammed

The third element of Mohammed’s psychological assessment that I will carry out is a physical examination. Some of the elements that I will examine include, Mohammed’s body mass index, pulse, blood pressure, breathing rate, and nutritional issues. All these factors are usually common in people with mental illness hence will be important to assess them.


How the Assessment Provides a Comprehensive and Coherent understanding of Mohammed

Doing a psychological assessment of Mohammed is crucial in solving his mental problems. This will help to know the problems Mohammed is facing and how his immediate environment has had an effect on his mental state. I will understand the history of Mohammed’s predicaments by finding out from him all the relevant information that might have led to his mental problems. The assessment will highlight important issues in Mohammed’s health that his doctor might not have by-passed. This will help in identifying Mohammed’s therapeutic needs and possible solutions to his mental illness. All this information from Mohammed’s psychological assessment will come in handy in helping his doctor develop a treatment plan for his mental condition (Clay 44).Psychological Assessment Stage by Stage Case Study

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