Problems in Sociology: Researches and Solutions Paper

Problems in Sociology: Researches and Solutions Paper

Social problems are issues that affect multiple individuals in society and often cause discomfort. Shyness is one of the points of concern because it severely limits interactions and experiences for some people. Saunders and Chester (2008) state that “it is often taken for granted that new communication technologies facilitate disinhibition and increase social confidence” (p. 2649-2650).Problems in Sociology: Researches and Solutions Paper

In other words, social media and the Internet have been extremely helpful for many individuals that suffer from this feeling of awkwardness. However, they do not help most people to feel more comfortable during conversations in real life, and they prefer to use technologies for communication. Aggression and crime are also crucial social problems that are not mentioned most of the time.

The sociological perspective is an outlook on human interactions from the point of view of science. It is used to study connections between behaviors of people and the society. There are three core sociological perspectives according to many scientists. Social interactions often cause conflicts that are sometimes hard to resolve (Wagner-Pacifici & Hall, 2008). It is necessary for every individual to understand this concept.Problems in Sociology: Researches and Solutions Paper

It is necessary to know the stages of a problem to find a solution. This technique is often used in sociology to determine what has caused the issue. Sequencing is crucial in this case. One of the approaches to problem-solving consists of such stages as an entry, diagnosis, implementation, and disengagement (Dougherty, 2013). It is necessary to pay attention to all phases of the process to avoid any complications.


Critical thinking consists of numerous steps and requires a broad range of skills from an individual. It allows one to understand the information, and to make conclusions about how objects are related to each other. Weissberg (2013) claims that critical thinking requires one to “move beyond the acquisition of facts to uncover deep meaning” (p. 318).

Differently put, an individual needs to examine his or her inner thoughts to analyze a subject at a critical level. Overall, critical thinking is a type of thinking about an object, subject or a problem with a use of intellectual standards to increase the overall quality of thoughts. It is a powerful approach that is used to determine solutions to numerous problems.Problems in Sociology: Researches and Solutions Paper

Inequality is a difference in how society treats individuals based on or many characteristics. It is necessary to study the core of the problem to understand why it happens. For example, women are often discriminated.

However, numerous movements such as feminism fight for the justice. It focuses on such problems as sexual harassment and unequal pay (Ritzer, 2014). The goal of this ideology is to provide women with a full range of civil rights. Nevertheless, inequality is still accepted in some countries because people are not educated on this topic.

Poverty and wealth are hard topics for discussion. These are concepts that have formed over the years because of many factors. Many argue that modern society is built on the idea that there should be social classes. However, differences in income between poor and wealthy families are simply colossal and disproportional. The biggest problem is that most people continue living in poverty throughout their whole life (Rod, 2014). Overall, it is hard to understand how it is still acceptable in our society.

In conclusion, numerous problems in sociology should be researched because there are still no solutions to some of them.Problems in Sociology: Researches and Solutions Paper


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