Problems Children Face

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Assignment 2: Problems Children Face:  – This assignment is due at the end Week 6. This assignment is a continuation of assignment one (1).  In Assignment one (1) you choose from the six (6) problems children experience daily.  For this assignment, address the same issue from an applied perspective.
Assignment 2: Problems Children Face
Due:  Sunday at 11:55 p.m. at the end   of  Week 6 —-SEE WEEK 1 ASSIGNMENT BELOW
In Assignment 2: In Assignment one (1) you choose from the six (6)   problems children experience daily.  For this assignment, address the same issue from an applied   perspective.
· What   is being done to address this problem?
· Is   there a consensus about how to improve this problem, or is there a great deal   of controversy?
· What   solutions have already been tried for this problem?
· How   successful have these solutions been?
· What   are the barriers to solving this problem?
· What   resources are available in YOUR community to deal with this problem?
· Future   approaches to the problem
· How   will this problem be addressed in the future?
· How   successful are these solutions likely to be?
Research Paper or Opinion Paper?
Research, NOT opinion
Number of published, peer-reviewed sources   required; must all be published within the last 8 years
· Course   readings may be used as one of the resources.
· Do not use any direct quotes from any sources
Five (5)
Length required (not including title page   and references
· Tables,   graphs, charts, lists, figures, etc. may be used, however do not count toward   the length requirement
1000-1500 words
Reference style required
American Psychological Association, 6th edition
Submission requirements
Microsoft Word document submitted as   attachment in Assignment Submission area.  Do not attach   to a Message or email, and do not paste into Submission text box.
Grading Rubric  
Student exhibits a defined and clear   understanding of the assignment.  The student provides a detailed   description of one (1) of the problems children experience daily.
Student demonstrates proficient command of   the subject matter in the assignment.  Assignment shows an impressive   level of depth of student’s ability to relate course content to practical   examples and applications.
Student provides well-supported ideas and   reflection with a variety of current and/or worldviews in the   assignment.  Student presents a genuine intellectual development of   ideas throughout assignment.
Evidence of research for materials/content   is listed using APA format.
Clarity of  writing style   Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling
Children and Substance Abuse
Sharman T.Williams
American Public University System
Professor David Konkle
June 23, 2018
Children and substance abuse
The factors contributing to the emergency and existence of substance abuse in children is influenced by many factors. The environment, behavioral and emotional factors put children at risk for substance abuse development which can be controlled through intervention and prevention programs by using research based, comprehensive studies, training of social resistance skills and many associated like learning. (Abuse, 2010). The direct and indirect alcohol effects and other related substance abuse in children leads to safety risks and adverse health factors for the family, child and the community. Substance abuse has mainly affected children hindering them both socially and mentally.
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