Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology.

Drawing from Positive Psychology research we discussed throughout the semester, 

(1) review and summarize Positive psychology research to answer the following three questions: (a) “what does it mean to live a pleasant life”? (b) “what does it mean to live an engaged (full) life”?, and (c) “what does it mean to live a meaningful life”? End this section with general purpose of your project (e.g., “The purpose of our final project was to conduct a qualitative survey study to gather information as to whether pursuit of pleasant, engaging, and meaningful life leads to high level of life satisfaction as suggested by Positive Psychology research summarized above.”) The lit. review is worth 25 pts; must be at least TWO (2) FULL pages long, based on at least five (5) PRIMARY sources (be sure to include APA style format in-text citations).

(2) choose, at random, three (3) people (preferably different ages and cultural backgrounds; your Methods/Participants section) to interview them about their views of what does it mean to live a pleasant/engaged/meaningful life andwhether (if so, how?) pursuit of all three contributes to their life satisfaction (your Methods/Procedure section). Type up the summary of your findings in detail (who said what; your Results section). In your Discussion section, reflect on the activity’s general findings (i.e., do they support past research results summarized in your lit. review?) and share your own answer to the question, reflecting whether (if so, how) your view about pleasant, engaged, and meaningful life characteristics has changed due to the knowledge you gained through readings, and presenting on Positive Psychology theory and research. This part of your paper is worth 25 pts.

Paper APA 7th Edition Format and Writing Quality (worth 10 pts):

  • The paper must be written using APA 7th edition style format: double-spaced and in Times New Roman 12-point font, black ink, 1” margins on all sides. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points. Click HERE for APA Example paper. 


  • Your references list must include at least 5 primary sources (i.e, scholar peer-reviewed articles) published within the past 10 years (i.e., 2012 – present).  You can find relevant article citations in your textbook.
  • Do not copy and paste anything from your textbook, articles, or the internet; if you have over 30% plagiarism on your paper, you will receive an automatic zero (0) score for the assignment and cannot make it up.
  • Given that you have completed Research Methods course, you should know how to cite/write anything using APA format; if not, simply make an appointment with me and we can go over how this is done. Click HERE for Paper Example

    Actions; OR refer to your Research Methods final Paper V and follow its format to avoid losing points for APA style errors.

  • Finally, to ensure high writing quality, always use a spell checker to avoid unnecessary typos/errors. Proofread everything you write by reading some sentences aloud to see if they flow well, or getting family or friends to read your work. In addition, FIU writing center is available if you want someone to look over your paper and give you advice.

Positive Psychology

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