Policy, Regulation, and Organizational Behavior

Policy, Regulation, and Organizational Behavior
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In this assignment, you will investigate your organization’s compliance rate with one specific core measure of your choice. You must be able to explain the financial implications associated with the measure, as well as its importance in terms of policy, regulation, and finance. This is another good opportunity to consult with a key stakeholder within the organization. Talking to someone who works closely with the organization’s finances can help you develop a deeper understanding of the financial aspects of compliance. You also need to suggest ways your organization can improve compliance and how you would implement changes and overcome obstacles.This may seem like an enormous undertaking, but you should approach it as if you would present this information to your supervisor or manager. Keeping in mind that people in these positions do not have time to read a 10–12 page report, you would typically give them only an executive summary of your analyses and recommendations. That means that you will need to be very clear and very concise with the information you choose to include in the executive summary. Say as much as possible with as few words as possible. This component will measure your proficiency in Program Outcomes 4, 6, and 9:Program Outcome 4: Policy, Finance, and Regulations: Understand the scope and role of policy, finance, and regulatory environments in relationship to individual and population outcomes.Program Outcome 6: Organizational and Systems Management: Apply knowledge of organizational behavior, nursing theory, and systems (micro and macro) as appropriate for the scope and role of one’s own practice.Program Outcome 9: Professional Role: Incorporate the qualities, skills, behaviors, and knowledge required to function as a patient advocate, practice high quality care, assess and evaluate patient outcomes, and provide leadership in improving care.Assignment DescriptionFor this assignment, you will write a 2–3-page executive summary that analyzes the financial and regulatory impact of organizational compliance with a specific core measure of your choice, and includes recommendations for improving performance on the measure.Select a core measure and investigate your organization’s compliance rate with the measure. In your executive summary be sure to address the following:Compare the compliance rates of your organization with other organizations.Identify the financial implications associated with the measure.Explain why the measure is important in terms of policy, regulation, and finance.Describe changes that could be made that would improve compliance with the measure.Identify the people who would be affected by the changes.Outline a plan to implement the changes within the organization.Identify obstacles you would expect to encounter.Explain your strategies for overcoming obstacles.You must still reference scholarly resources to support your work, but this is an executive summary; it should not be formatted in APA style (you must include a title page reference page). It may be helpful for you to review the documents used in your organization. How do they look? What kind of language is used in memos? These can help guide your development of this executive summary. And certainly feel free to use bullet points as appropriate.
The executive summary should be no more than 2–3 pages (not including title and reference page).Include a title page and reference page.At least 3 current scholarly or professional resources. Times New Roman font, 12 pt.

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