Philosophy homework help

Read “The Blue of Distance” from A Field Guide for Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit (located in Week 11 Module). Then respond to the following questions in an essay format. Your response should be about one full page double spaced.


  1. What does the color blue mean to you? In two sentences or less, distill all the meanings you have of blue.
  2. Solnit talks about this shirt she discovers that she use to wear as a child. She talks about how it holds memory: “the living memory of wearing the garment” and “that vivid memory included what it felt like to be inside that brocade.” What is an object that holds memory for you, and how does holding that object make you feel?
  3. Finally, pick one quote from the essay that you are drawn too and explain why. If you can, try and connect it to the project you are working on. Philosophy homework help


As for question 2 and 3,


My objects are some toys which are from subscribed dog toy pack. I would keep some interesting toys as decoration for my home. Or some toys that my dog dislike. All the toys make me feel happy and warm


So as for my project, I try to do a cabinet with the theme animal  in order to   store these toys and display them . Philosophy homework help

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