Overview Of Methods Of Risk Zoning Essay Sample

Overview Of Methods Of Risk Zoning Essay Sample

Hydrological, geophysical, climatological, meteorological and biological, are the characterizations of natural hazards and pheonomena that occur to mankind. All of which are causing deterioration of the environment leaving harmful effects to human.

Disaster Mitigation

85 percent of the whole population in earth is exposed to natural disasters. May it be a third world country or a developing country is still not freed from the massive cost of the aftermaths of these calamities. Blowing up of damage cost for the past years has been rapid. Its long-term effect to people and their livelihood up to the progress of the communities and its development has been heft on the shoulders of those affected. There exist different types of Risk Reduction Methods, and the most efficient are the Land Use Planning and Urban Planning. Overview Of Methods Of Risk Zoning Essay Sample. Land Use Planning and Urban Planning are the foundation of the mitigation of risk and vulnerability from the natural hazards. The process and organization planning of data collected to produce hazard maps for the identification of the most viable region for a disaster prone area are the outline of the most important factors in these methods. Risk zoning can be for fire and explosion, earthquake, surging seas, flood and other existing phenomena.


One example of risk zoning is a flood hazard map. It identifies areas that are affected and susceptible to be vulnerable. It alleviates the possible damage to infrastructures and deaths to humans. The province of Tarlac located in the Philippines is surrounded with high mountains and because of its geographical characteristics, is commonly flooded especially during rainy season. Flood prone barangays are identified based on the record of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO). Monsoon rains and typhoons which cause the flooding are the most frequently experienced phenomenon in the Philippines that made the 17 out of 76 barangays prone to flooding.Overview Of Methods Of Risk Zoning Essay Sample.  Tarlac City has its identified risk zone map, however, what the municipality lack is that the evacuation facilities are still in need of further evaluation for the division of evacuees intended for a certain evacuation area depending on the proximity and transportation aspect of the residents of each of the community.

Flood Hazard Assessment

Hazard assessment and disaster management are carried out in places. The parameters of the body of water for a particular place to be studied are determined to produce a 2D modeling of the previous reports including the past disasters used for the simulation of past flood events. The data collected for years are now used as the reference for the flood extremity and is the basis for the hazard indicators. Overview Of Methods Of Risk Zoning Essay Sample

Flood Prone Municipality

Rainfall is classified into two: severe rainfall and ordinary rainfall. Each corresponds for flood fringe which is the portion of a flood hazard area and floodway which is the channel of a watercourse that takes the floodwaters. These two are used for the plotting of the hazard map to determine the number of people affected and the range of land damaged by a particular precipitation. Overview Of Methods Of Risk Zoning Essay Sample

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