Over Hydration Example Essay

Over Hydration Example Essay.


Fluid imbalance in the body can result to body complications which may be fatal. The body can be over hydrated or dehydrated depending on the water availability. Water is an essential element of the diet which helped in digestion and excretion of waste from the body. In addition, it brings about a cooling effect through dissipation of excess heat from the body.  Ronco (2008) stipulates that every body function is dependent on water which makes it an essential component of the diet. However, excess water in the body can result to serious complications. Over hydration can cause a heavy burden to the heart which subject it to risks of heart failure. Therefore this paper will analyse risk factors that can predispose a person to over hydration and the treatment.Over Hydration Example Essay

Over hydration

It occurs as a result of body impairment to excrete excess water or the tendency of the body to retain water than need. The body has a mechanism that regulate water thus allowing the required amount to circulate. Generally, large intake of water rarely causes over hydration since kidneys easily excrete excess water. Water is reabsorbed back from the tissue fluid into the blood.  Thibodeau (2013) stipulates that the capillaries facilitate exchange of materials between the blood and tissue fluid.

The reabsorbed water creates pressure to the capillary due to increase in volume. This in turn tasks the heart to increase pressure to facilitate movement of blood to all body organs and tissues. The increased volume creates a burden to the heart which may be fatal resulting to serious complications. In addition increased water alters the plasma integrity resulting to mineral imbalance or haemolysis. Therefore the amount of water required by the body must be maintained at a certain level to avoid these eventualities.Over Hydration Example Essay


There are a number of factors which can predispose a person to over hydration.

  1. Kidney diseases such as inappropriate anti- diuretic hormone secretion. The body functions are coordinated by hormones. Anti- diuretic hormone is responsible for influencing water reabsorption at the kidneys. Inappropriate secretion of this hormone results to increased water conservation. Mitsides et al, (2017) further detail that this hormone being inappropriately secreted is a syndrome. It results to the body conserving much water than it is needed resulting to over hydration. Such kidney diseases predispose an individual to over hydration.Over Hydration Example Essay
  2. Generally, electrolyte levels are low which results to mineral imbalance. (t) Stipulate that these blood with imbalance trigger a net influx of water creating pressure in the blood. Moreover, the diet provided to the elderly in most cases lacks enough minerals which subject the aged from mineral imbalance. Mineral imbalance triggers occurrence of over hydration.

Despite the fact that increased intake of water cannot result to over hydration, athletes and gymers are susceptible to developing the condition following increased water intake to compensate for the lost water in the body. The body return back to homeostasis through elimination of excess water triggered by anti- diuretic hormone.Over Hydration Example Essay



Dehydration is brought about by different factors which make the body develop the condition. Treating the condition that is causing over hydration is very important. However, patients with kidney disorders take diuretic drugs to help collect the defect in the kidneys.  Thibodeau, (2013) adds that patients with fatal kidney impairment can undergo a dialysis to drain the excess water in the body. The excess water that fails to join the blood system infiltrates in the intracellular spaces resulting to oedema. In a nutshell, persons involved in vigorous exercise should take minimum amount of water in order to prevent the body from reabsorbing more causing over hydration.Over Hydration Example Essay


Water is an essential component of balance diet but excess intake can result to over hydration. Electrolyte balance is maintained at a certain level that is required by the body. Provision of excess or inadequate water impairs the body functioning rate in order to satisfy every organ. In the process the heart is burdened which may result to failure.

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