Operations Management homework help

Process Improvement Project

Process Improvement Project:
Describing your plan to improve a process or task in which you currently work or operate. This
plan must be presented with a problem statement and flowcharts. It should identify and explain
in detail the process, including graphical representations and flowcharts. This presentation will
be a coherent utilization of operation management and quality processes to quantify the
magnitude of anticipated improvement (e.g. cycle time reductions, inventory cost reductions).
Data depicting the results of the process improvement are required. You should be able to
produce data and present a data analysis that will be the basis for your recommendation.Operations Management homework help.


 If data is
not available, you may build on an assumption basis and outline how such data could be
obtained, what the data might be expected to reveal, and how you would evaluate the success of
the improvement project. In either case, be certain you provide a detailed explanation of how you
arrived at your conclusions and recommendations. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU QUANTIFY
YOUR COST/BENEFIT ANALYSIS. 20-25 minutes in length. No more than 30 minutes. You
should also include a 2-3 page summary
Research Company – ‘Total Care’ Urgent Care Clinic (www.totalcare.us)
Research Topic – Decreasing patient wait time to increase patient numbers. We want to find a
way to make patient wait less so we can increase the number of patients visit per day
Project Outline:
• Company Profile
• Mission
• Strategy
• SWOT – (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
• Problem Identification (Problem Statement) ½ page
• Process Analysis
o Flowchart – Use proper symbols
o Data Analysis 1 page
o Narrative – Explain the process and data analysis
• Benchmark/s – compare with similar processes in other companies/organizations
• Recommendations – Includes a process improvement methodology (6 Sigma – DMAIC,
TQM, Lean, PDCA, etc) 2 pages
• New Proposed Process
o New Process Flow Chart – Use proper symbols
o Identified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor (3 minimum)
• Cost Benefit (Cost vs. Benefit Detailed) Operations Management homework help
• Conclusion ½ page


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