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The DNP Project: Information Technology

PICOT Question:

In adult oncology patients at an infusion Center at Queens Hospital Center, does the implementation of a music therapy program compared to current practice, impact pain scores during chemotherapy over 8-10 weeks?

Please discuss the importance of IT in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of your DNP Project. How important will IT competencies be to the role/position that you aspire to after completing your DNP degree? 

Information technology has a crucial role in improving the productivity of an organization. In the context of value-based care and globalization, organizations are focussing on innovative projects to increase productivity. Information technology is heavily used in all projects but with mixed results. IT has a significant role in project planning, coordination, and facilitating the implementation process. Big projects may require sophisticated software technologies to manage the documents and data. ( Bardhan et al., 2007).  Nursing homework help

Health information technology is highly significant in improving healthcare quality and safety( Feldman et al., 2018). The DNP student deeply felt the demand for heightened awareness, advanced skills, and knowledge to use various technology platforms to implement the project successfully. Data auditing and analyzing EHR reports are integral to any QI project. Data analysis is the key to identifying pressing issues and finding solutions. Health IT is essential for quality improvement efforts (Medpro Group Inc,2018).


The DNP student worked with a hospital financial specialist and Informatics personnel to run statistical reports to support the significance of the selected problem. Project and practicum classes, writing proposals and manuscripts necessitated advanced computer skills to complete various assignments. Getting acquainted with different online teaching technologies such as zoom and Webex also augmented the learning experience. Learned the need to be skilled in using communications platforms such as Twitter, Instagram to serve as a leader and advocate for the profession. Designed flyers and educational sheets to communicate the details of the project to the stakeholders and participants.

My foremost ambition is to teach nursing graduate students and be willing to take on challenging opportunities as a nurse leader. The position that best fits my abilities will be system coordinator for change projects /quality improvement. Whether in teaching or administrative positions, the demand for IT competency is high.

What IT skills do you need to develop? Share your plan for professional development to develop these skills.

I am pleased that this online DNP program provided an excellent opportunity to become familiar with many different technologies that I had never used or known before. I need to develop technical skills in managing more extensive and more complex data, digital marketing/advertisement and looking forward to learning more about publishing articles and writing blogs. Nursing homework help

Provide your instructor and student colleagues with an update on your implementation plans for your DNP Project. Share any successes, challenges, or barriers you experienced this week.

I meet with involved stakeholders and preceptors closely to plan the implementation process. I visited the unit and reassessed the resources. Scheduled meetings with registered nurses and informed the plan for the educational session at the beginning of the implementation phase.


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Feldman, S.S., Buchalter, S., & Hayes, L.W. (2018). Health information technology in healthcare quality and patient safety: A literature reviewLinks to an external site..JMIR Med Inform, 6(2)e10264. to an external site.


Medpro Group Inc. (2018). Guideline: Using an EHR system as a quality improvement tool in your healthcare practiceLinks to an external site.. Nursing homework help

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