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week =2 Primary Healthcare of Chronic Clients/Families Across The Lifespan 


Assignment no -1

A 5 year old child and her mother present to your clinic. The mother reports that the child has had a cough and sounds “wheezy” for the last 2 days. She states that the child always gets like this when she is sick. She also reports that the child has been complaining that her right ear hurts. In addition, you notice dry scaly patches on the child’s elbows and behind her knees.

What are your differentials and diagnosis. What would you prescribe for each condition. Remember to include your rationales.



Initial Post:

· Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references

· Citations: At least TWO high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years



Assignment no -2

Assignment Prompt

A 75-year-old man with a history of hypertension, diabetes, environmental allergies, and colon polyps presents to the office with a complaint of persistent dry hacking cough that does not improve with over-the-counter treatment with antitussives and allergy medications. The man reports that he has had the cough for 3 months and is tired of the coughing spells he experiences. His medical history reveals that he started taking lisinopril 6 months before this appointment, has taken an over-the-counter allergy medication for several years, had his last colon polyps removed 6 years ago, and his blood pressure today is 145/70. Other medications include metformin XR 500 mg daily, aspirin 81 mg once daily, and loratadine 10 mg daily. The physical exam is negative for any issues other than his mild neuropathy from long-term diabetes. The cough is noted to be dry and hacking as the patient has described. The man is not in acute distress. Nursing homework help



1.     What questions would have been asked as part of the medical history?

2.     What physical aspects would have been completed as part of the physical exam?

3.     Based on the medical history and physical exam, what is the most likely cause of his cough?

4.     What other possible diagnoses should be considered?

5.     Are there any other tests that should be completed before producing a diagnosis? Why or why not?

6.     What is the treatment for this patient, including education?



· Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT

· Research: (APA Assignment), Title Page, Introduction, Headings. Citation and reference page is required.

·  Length: A minimum of 750 words, not including references

· Citations: At least 4 high-level scholarly references in APA from within the last 5 years.


Week 3: Discussion Question – Chronic Illness


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Points: 20 | Due Date: Week 3, Day 3 & 7 | CLO: 1, 2, 3, 4 | Grade Category: Discussions

Discussion Prompt

A 68 year old male presents to your clinic today. He complains of a cough for the last 2 months that will not go away. He also complains of frequent urination for the last 4 months. PHI only includes HTN diagnosed 5 years ago. He is does not know his family history since he was adopted. He has smoked ½ pack cigarettes for the last 40 year.

What are your differentials and diagnoses. What will be your plan of care for you patient? Include any diagnostic tests and medications. Nursing homework help



Initial Post:

· Due: Thursday, 11:59 pm PT

· Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references

· Citations: At least two high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years


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