Nursing homework help

1. Reflect on what wellness and health mean to you. You’ll compare this reflection with one at the end of the course.

2. In the text box, Write down your score only and reflect on your score for your Readiness for Change Assessment. What level was your score? Look at your Wheel of Life from the lecture notes and think about a change you want to make.

3. Describe what you want to change, how you plan to implement the change, what barriers and supports do you anticipate, and why you want to make this change.

Please submit at least a paragraph (5 sentences) with correct spelling/grammar.

Examples of behavior change: increased sleep, decreased stress, decreased screen time, more time to study, decreased caffeine, decreased soda, healthy food, meal prep, increased water intake, time management (bullet journal, planner), activity, run, walk, bike, swim, increased strength, more family time. Nursing homework help

See Rubric for grading. NOTE; a zero (0) will be assigned for any of the four criteria where none of the criteria are met.



Free form comments Reflection Journal Rubric RNBS 4309Free form comments Reflection Journal Rubric RNBS 4309CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent, Feelings, and ThoughtsAll or almost all of the entry has a connection to the question prompt. Personal reflection of feelings and thoughts are revealed in the entry.90 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMechanicsAll or almost all of the entries have correct spelling and grammar. 5 sentences minimum included. Timely submission.10 pts Nursing homework help
Total Points: 100PreviousNext

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