Nursing Care For End Of Life Patient

Nursing Care For End Of Life Patient

Nurses have a responsibility of talking care to end of life patents. This ranges from providing medical need to having a sensitive conversation with the patient and family members. This is because days of the dying person, more especially during the last weeks are demanding and stressful. For this reason, nurses are required to exercise a broad range of ethical values.Nursing Care For End Of Life Patient

Besides, it is this last aspect that underpins the whole nursing care towards these patients. In this way, the nurses can address the physical, psychological, emotional, ethical and legal needs of dying patients, also known as holistic care. But then again, the emotional perspective feels easier to address, right! This is because of even the patients, are concerned about how much pain they cause to relatives, how long it will take and how this can be made easier.


Think about this” the Palliative care was first established to diagnose and treat symptoms experienced by end dying patients. Its ultimate goal was to improve the quality of life for these patients. The palliative care focused on aggressive symptoms management and little it could be differentiated from the hospice care. Besides, the only difference was that palliative care did not depend on prognosis. But in the 21st century, this care seems to have taken a more sensitive turn ” the above physical assistance is seen insufficient, the very reason that pushedthe Health Care System to integrate the emotional and psychological support.Nursing Care For End Of Life Patient

Today we not only talk about controlling pain but also compassionate treatment, listening to the patient, communicating sensitively, involving family members and personal reflection. Although the legal and ethical values governing the palliative care remains one of the highly contested issues, the Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Justice, Dignity, Honesty, and Truthfulness constitutes the most important medical ethics when dealing with the end of life patients. But like I stated earlier, taking care of emotions is the most important primary perspective.

This can be supported by Kohlen (2015) concern that many ends of life patients suffer emotionally without showing signs. Obviously, this has a greater risk of deteriorating their health. In fact, nothing is easier and encouraging than listening, expressing empathy, attending to the end of life patients’ wishes.Nursing Care For End Of Life Patient

This is the skill am perfect in and helps me attend to my patients. But still, it sometimes thinks I find this easier because of my compassionate nature. Am not sure how all nurses are supposed to cultivate this personality but believe me, it’s one of my most powerful personal value than renders it easier to help of life patients.


Kohlen, H., McCarthy, J., Szylit, B. R., Gallagher, A., & Andrews, T. (2015). Decision-making processes in nursing and activities at the end of life in intensive care an international comparative study. Pflege, 28(6), 329-338.Nursing Care For End Of Life Patient

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