Nurses Role In Safety And Medication Administration

Nurses Role In Safety And Medication Administration

A number of precautions are required in executing health care services. During my observation, it was great and beneficial to learn that, on medication, it’s important to note that medication safety is the right consumption of drugs as directed or prescribed to by the healthcare specialist. Medication administration is the close look into and consideration by the health care officials to prescribe the right medicine to the right person at the time and the standard quality and quantity. Safety and medication administration are done with the purpose and goal of reducing or completely eradicating the problems of medication errors that may in most cases lead to loss of lives. This critical role in the healthcare centers is conducted by professional, well trained and qualified nurses.

Nurses are the driving stones and pillars of safety and medication administration. I realized that its important for a nurse to adequately take her time to ensure the medications serve the right purpose for the right patient and guarantee safety and effectively reduce the risks of medication errors. There are various issues or considerations for the success of this practice, one of which I find vital is that the nurse should have perfect knowledge of both the patient and the drug. A nurse is expected to prescribe a medication she is well informed of its uses and applicable situations. Nurses Role In Safety And Medication Administration


The other point I found essential, was the need of the nurse to educate and inform the patient and their guardians or families on the effects and reactions so they can keep track of the usage of the drugs and reaction process. The nurses were required to seek and keep track of medication review both of the patient and previous nurses on shift. I also observed that the right medication administration procedures such as seeing the right patient at the right time with right drug and dose before expiry and proper documentation of medical records are also to be practiced.

Last but not least, I observed that its essential for the nurses to have the best and most supportive teamwork and be allowed to participate in the hospitals for efficient medication administration and safety. In conclusion, nurses play a significant role in medication administration and safety to ensure patients are free from wrong medication errors and defects, hence ought to be accorded the right working environments. Nurses Role In Safety And Medication Administration


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