Nonverbal Communication in Business and Politics Essay

Nonverbal Communication in Business and Politics Essay

Body language denotes different kinds of nonverbal communication in which individuals express clues as to numerous unspoken objectives or sentiments via their physical conduct. Such conducts could encompass body posture, gesticulations, facial expression, and movement of the eyes. The Body Language Documentary concentrates on and illustrates the use of human body language as a means of communication (Jett). Body language is characteristically subconscious conduct and is thus deemed different from sign language, which is a totally conscious and deliberate act of communication. As evident in the movie, human beings use and interpret such indications nearly exclusively subconsciously. Nonverbal communication might present hints as to the feelings or emotional state of an individual. For instance, nonverbal communication could indicate anger, attention, boredom, an unperturbed state, delight, gratification, and intoxication, to mention a few.Nonverbal Communication in Business and Politics Essay


Body language is vital to communication and connections, especially in business and politics. It is significant to administration and leadership in businesses and areas that can be detected by many individuals. It is also germane to other undertakings outside the place of work. Although body language is non-spoken and gestural, it may disclose a lot regarding one’s sentiments and meaning to other people and the manner in which they express their reactions. Nonverbal communication signals could occur on both a witting and unwitting level. As evident in the video, from President Franklin Roosevelt to George Bush and Barack Obama, politicians employ nonverbal communication to influence masses, ascertain power, and gain reputation (Jett).

People in business also have a parallel path of body languages that could disclose more than just carefully selected words and attract clients to their businesses. Because most if not all of the body languages and the reception of the signals is involuntary and done beyond the witting realization and power, through nonverbal indications, people unconsciously communicate a good deal of messages regarding themselves and their feelings. The posture in which people situate their bodies, the illustrations people, have on their faces, their expressions, and the nonverbal communication they make all contribute to the way others view them (Knapp, Hall, and Horgan 45-47).

Regardless of people’s culture, since they unwittingly identify nonverbal communication, communicators can fine-tune the impression they make through involuntarily looking at or away from the listeners. For instance, during an interview for a job, communicating with the boss, or discussing a business contract, it could be beneficial to signal a measured state of submission, which depends on the situation.Nonverbal Communication in Business and Politics Essay

While being interviewed for a job that needs high leadership capability, a show of great submissiveness might be an unfit strategy. Nevertheless, if the interviewer appears greatly insecure, a pleasant expression of the correct level of submissiveness may be highly reassuring and make such an interviewee gain the interviewer’s support. Nonverbal communication provides benefits in personal, business, and political life and plays a key role in the discernment of an individual’s kindness, integrity, and influential power (Knapp, Hall, and Horgan 49-50). For example, folding of the arms is generally taken as a show of being closed to the ideas of the communicator, moving one’s shoulders appears to express revulsion, despair, or panic, and ensuring a close interpersonal distance as one speaks appears to indicate high social standing. Hence, the assumption of dissimilar postures could have at least a slight impact on the way one is perceived, and the comprehension and application of body language could be beneficial or detrimental to one’s personal, political, or business endeavours.

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