New Practices in Nursing Community Essay

New Practices in Nursing Community Essay

The implementation of new practices is a challenging task for any nursing community as it requires careful consideration of a suggested method, its scientific validity and the relevance of the research findings. Thus, in the framework of the analysis of Kim, Chung, and Kang ‘s insights, one needs to focus on the point of their validation, objectivity and the compatibility of the proposed exercise program with the conditions within which the relevant organization operates.New Practices in Nursing Community Essay

First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the researchers managed to avoid the most typical research errors type I and II. Meanwhile, the identification of the relevant errors in the experiment is likely to be problematic due to the fact that the researchers do not clearly state the null hypothesis they are determined to test with the help of the study. Nevertheless, one might assume that in case, the error of type I occurred, the implementation of the relevant method might require extra research as some of the patients are apt to fail to benefit from the proposed program.

The type II error is interconnected with the first example. Thus, the author’s principal idea resides in the fact that osteoarthritis condition is likely to be improved with the help of the water-based aerobics (Kim, Chung, Park, & Kang, 2012). In the meantime, the following assumption might be misleading due to the unvaried experimental group. Therefore, in order to decrease the possibilities of the error of type II, the researchers should have enlarged the studied group, make it more diverse so that the findings could provide precise information on the effectiveness of the program with different patients.New Practices in Nursing Community Essay


In the meantime, the statistical findings described by the researchers are still of significant value for the clinical practice. Thus, they elucidate the impact of the proposed program in the framework of various aspects: body weight, pain, self-efficacy, to name but a few (Kim, Chung, Park, & Kang, 2012). The following statistics might be highly helpful in case the nursing community decides to implement the relevant practice in their organization. Specialists note that the introduction of new methods requires possessing a complete idea of the potential outcomes for various aspects of patient’s health (Stevens, 2013).

One might conclude that the analyzed study has a series of advantages in the framework of using it in nursing practice. First of all, the researchers provide a valid literature base that determines the high level of the research’s scientific validation. Secondly, the authors offer a detailed description of the program that is apt to simplify its implementation. Lastly, the research does not only touch upon the recommendations regarding the procedure but also elucidates potential mistakes one is likely to make while working out a similar program.

As to the negative aspects regarding the study under discussion, one might point out the unvaried experimental base. Thus, the study focuses on the representatives of a particular health center, which means that they had been treated relatively equally before they underwent the procedure.New Practices in Nursing Community Essay

Moreover, the researchers fail to cover the financial aspect of the program’s implementation. According to some specialists, the problem of cost-effectiveness is often crucial in nursing practices. Hence, many organizations are unable to implement beneficial methods due to the exceeding cost of the latter (Beyea & Slattery, 2006). In addition, the researchers do not provide any information on the compatibility of the relevant treatment with other medical interventions.

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