Music Therapy For Dementia Patients Essay Sample

Music Therapy For Dementia Patients Essay Sample

Long term care facilities such as nursing homes have undergone success with singalongs for senior residents. Task supervisors and nurses have been thrilled to come across some dementia patients answer the music. Therapists have found ways to use music tools and sing alongs as effective tools to interact with all the older who struggle with this. Therapists have discovered, however, that all of us have a’music memory’ that seems to function well even notwithstanding a painful illness like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Seniors experiencing this illness could find a much needed respite with music if this memory is tapped by it and unexpectedly seems as familiar as the faces. Where the disease has advanced beyond too much responsiveness from the patients, the most familiar songs and music have still proven to give some old pleasure enough that they tap their toes twitch their fingers to the beat of their music. Music Therapy For Dementia Patients Essay Sample

The ones which are able to still sing along experienced respite with sing along DVD’s and enjoyed bunch sing alongs. Although music therapy for dementia patients has been around for many decades, it’s still in some ways getting tested for its effectiveness on several different forms and differing phases of Alzheimer’s and dementia. But nearest and dearest and friends may use tune and music as therapy for their dementia sufferer. Couple the familiar tunes with words which come back flooding on cue and you’ll see the smiles come back into the facial skin that’s found joy. Some latter point Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers, that may seem nearly catatonic have already been known to move, tap, hum or in some manner show’lifetime’ when familiar music and songs were played. Over the last many years therapists are finding and using increasingly effective, music therapy for dementia patients. With the phases of dementia, many seniors get that the slow loss and the difficulty to do tasks they truly have been certain were at once a frustrating reality, character. Music Therapy For Dementia Patients Essay Sample


Family members feel helpless in their capacity to continue to keep the one they love from’slipping away’ or by experiencing loneliness, exasperation and depression. These emotions can subsequently result in anger and aggression on the part of the dementia victim. They do not even completely understand the reason why they are angry and frustrated and this only serves to make matters worse. Family would like to reassure themencourage them and help thembut lack of memory leads to feeling of everyone else. The spiral can be long and affect very many folks, destroying the joyful equilibrium that keeps a family group happy.   Music Therapy For Dementia Patients Essay Sample

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