Motor program-based Theory Sample Essay

Motor program-based Theory Sample Essay



This theory is of the notion that the nervous system organizes components related to movement in different ways, in accordance with the relative significance given to movement guidelines indicated by the central nervous system. According to this theory, the central nervous system stores motor programs for each set of movement array and recover the programs when need be (Summers and Anson 3). A good example that clearly exemplifies the notion of this theory is writing down one’s signature. According to this theory, we are able to write our signature by stipulating the movement constraints required to meet the requirements at hand while upholding the invariant structures of the generalized motor program. The concept of a generalized motor program has a great deal of instinctive appeal. This instinctive appeal is able to reduce potential storage problems that would result if different programs were needed each time the movement requirements changed.

Works Cited

Summers, Jeffrey J and J Greg Anson. “Current status of the motor program: Revisited.” Human Movement Science (2009): 1-12.

Motor program-based Theory Sample Essay

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