Module: People Management and Risk

Module: People Management and Risk

Assignment type: Report

Assignment brief: Full brief can be found here

This is a single assessment. It is based on the Covid – 19 App development in the United Kingdom (UK) : National Health Service (NHS) “ NHS COVID – 19 App ”. The App was started at the end of March 2020 and was to be ready, as stated by the UK’s Prime minister, for 1st June 2020. This App was intended to be a critical component of test, track and trace to allow exit from the UK’s lockdown. However it was besieged by problems and finally launched on 24th September 2020. A link to this project is included on Moodle to help you but you will also need to engage with further research and reading on the project for further context. You will have the opportunity to critique current practice in project management drawing on any of the concepts from this module to provide justification for your answers for this assessment which must be supported by evidence from the literature (academic books and journal articles). You may also cite from professional bodies and Institute websites e.g. Association of Project Management (APM), Project Management Institute (PMI), Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Government and Industry websites but there must be a balance with the use of academic references. Limited use of website material from a recognised authority such as Geert Hofstede, is acceptable. However, use of ‘wikis’ is to be avoided.

Harvard Referencing:

Dropbox folder:

Word count: 3500 words

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