MHR Semester 3 Exam Part I – Multiple Choice


Semester Examination













DO NOT begin your exam until told to do so by your appointed Proctor.  This examination will last approximately three (3) hours if you use all of the time allotted.


There are two (2) parts to this exam:  multiple choice questions and workplace scenarios (essays).  Each scenario requires a 1-page minimum response.  The Proctor will time both parts of the exam as follows.


  1. Multiple Choice Questions           60-minute time limit to complete


  1. Workplace Scenarios                    2-hour time limit to complete


A 30-minute break is authorized in between the exam portions as necessary.  Breaks during the exam are NOT authorized except for emergencies.


You may use all of your course material completed to date during the exam.  However, you may NOT use the Internet; be given assistance from friends, colleagues or your Proctor; or use any type of electronic media other than a computer on which the exam is taken.


Failure to follow these rules during testing will result in immediate exam termination and your account updated to reflect a non-passing grade.  Additional administrative steps may be taken at the Dean’s discretion.


The Proctor will administer the exam in an environment conducive for testing conditions (low noise, distractions, etc.).  Ensure the conditions are comfortable prior to beginning the exam.  If not, ask your Proctor to administer the exam at an alternate location if available.


If you have read and fully understand the above information, inform your Proctor that you are ready to start your exam.












































Name:  ______________________________


Student #:  GA _______________________



  1. The National Labor Relations Act provided all of the following EXCEPT:


  1. most private sector employees’ right to organize.
  2. most public sector employees’ right to organize.
  3. the NLRB.
  4. the right to strike.


Answer:  _____D_____



  1. Management could likely discourage unionization by:


  1. improving employee representation.
  2. eliminating the human resources department.
  3. adopting mandatory arbitration of employment disputes.
  4. eliminating middle management.


Answer:  ______C____



  1. In which of the following areas is labor relations in the public sector MOST like that of the private sector?


  1. Employer competition
  2. Employer’s ability to increase income
  3. Employees’ fiscal needs
  4. Union economic pressure tactics


Answer:  _______B___



  1. If a labor union breaks a valid no-strike contract clause, the employer under the Taft-Hartley Act can:


  1. sue the union in a state court for monetary damages.
  2. seek a state court injunction.
  3. sue the union in a federal court for monetary damages.
  4. seek jail sentences for union leaders from state courts.


Answer:  ________C__


  1. In total, the Supreme Court’s rulings on the concepts and practice of a seniority system have:


  1. dramatically changed the nature of seniority systems in labor agreements.
  2. given negotiators a reason to change seniority systems in future negotiations.
  3. been inconsistent and hard to interpret.
  4. generally upheld those provided in collective bargaining agreements.


Answer:  __A________



  1. A problem that occurs when a company decentralizes in order to be more responsive to local norms is:


  1. reduced synergy.
  2. less flexibility.
  3. slow decision-making.
  4. too much red tape.


Answer:  ______C____



  1. In the American work culture, employees symbolically think of work as a(n):


  1. consensus between all employees.
  2. contract between the employee and employer.
  3. illustration of what is honorable.
  4. obligation to protect others.


Answer:  _____D_____



  1. Many early or premature returns from foreign work assignment are caused by:


  1. health problems.
  2. inappropriate reward systems.
  3. inadequate job competence.
  4. poor cultural adaptation.


Answer:  ___D_______




  1. A reason for the difficulties found in DaimlerChrysler is:


  1. differences in decision-making styles.
  2. overlaps in employee expertise.
  3. inadequate funding for transatlantic travel.
  4. similar marketing strategies.


Answer:  _____D_____



  1. Which feature is the MOST important for successful organization change?


  1. Adequate resources and time
  2. Economic need
  3. Entrepreneurial attitudes
  4. Technological competency


Answer:  ______A____



  1. The two historical ethical theories that have permeated most business ethics discussions are:


  1. utilitarianism and virtue ethics.
  2. feminine ethics and rights theories.
  3. Kantian ethics and common moral theory.
  4. common moral theory and rights theories.
  5. utilitarianism and Kantian ethics.


Answer:  _____E_____



  1. When a corporation publishes a set of values and beliefs that both management and labor agree to, it establishes a:


  1. union contract.
  2. mission statement.
  3. corporate culture.
  4. employee handbook.
  5. policy and procedure manual.


Answer:  ______C____




  1. Genetic screening is a new and rapidly growing screening process used in a variety of ways. Which of the following is the MOST valid reason for using genetic screening?


  1. Genetic discrimination for workplace safety
  2. Denial of health insurance for a person with a disease-related genetic sequence
  3. Denial of employment for a person with a disease-related genetic sequence
  4. To develop preventive care health plans
  5. For job viability


Answer:  ____D______



  1. Managing all employees to enable them to perform to their full potential is known as:


  1. managing diversity.
  2. affirmative action.
  3. equal opportunity.
  4. preferential treatment.
  5. litigation avoidance.


Answer:  ____A______



  1. The music industry took Napster to court and forced the company to shut down its popular website that allowed anyone to exchange and download music. In the end, Napster lost the court battle and filed for bankruptcy.  The major issue in this case was:


  1. illegal data transmission.
  2. copyright violations.
  3. use of MP3 technology.
  4. intermediary interference.
  5. illegal acceptance of fees.


Answer:  _______B___



  1. The theory that proposes organizations can and do adapt to changing conditions by imitating other successful organizations is known as __________.


  1. population ecology
  2. institution theory
  3. citizenship theory
  4. strategic theory
  5. sample theory


Answer:  _D_________


  1. What are the two interacting environments that provide the variables and forces affecting how an organization operates and exists?


  1. Competitive and task environment
  2. Government and competitive environment
  3. Economic and local environment
  4. Task and societal environment
  5. Resource and economic environment


Answer:  ____E______



  1. When a company spends a large amount of money on trade promotion in order to gain or hold shelf space in retail outlets, a company is using a __________ strategy.


  1. pull
  2. push
  3. hold
  4. lengthening


Answer:  _____B_____



  1. Which two basic statements provide most of the financial data needed for analysis?


  1. Statement of retained earnings and income statement
  2. Sources and uses of working capital and the balance sheet
  3. Non-operating gains and losses and statement of financial position
  4. Historical income statement and balance sheet
  5. Statement of financial position and statement of owner’s equity


Answer:  ____D______



  1. The ISO 9000 Standards Series is one example of __________.


  1. tactical control
  2. strategic control
  3. output control
  4. functional control
  5. behavior control


Answer:  ___E_______

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