Mental Health Counseling Assignment

Mental Health Counseling Assignment

I am a mental health social worker at a mental health agency. My major role in the agency is to counsel the mentally ill clients.

The counseling is as a result of the ideology that individuals with serious mental illness are examined to encounter a variety of barriers that are likely to impede their development in career.Mental Health Counseling Assignment

Competencies for the course

The mental health counseling has different competencies that include having genuine interest in others. In this, one is required to have a sustained commitment in facilitating positive transformation and human to human connection. The other course competencies include integrity demonstrating personal responsibility and observance to professional values, deportment ability to conduct an individual in a professional manner accountability being accountable and reliable and concerns for the welfare of others.Mental Health Counseling Assignment

Demonstration of acquired skills

Through the acquired course skills, one becomes flexible, act with empathy and advocacy. Additionally, one is able to relate well and empathize with clients since one is required to think critically, conceptualize with the theoretical terns of clients and demonstrating proper academic skills.


Possible application of learning

The mental health counseling can be applied in various institutions including the governmental schools and in the societal context. Here, the counselors help individuals who have normal cognitive processes to cope up with different difficult events of life.

Actual application of learning

The application of counseling of mental ill clients is actually the mental health centers as it is where the emotional, psychological and social well-being is offered. Therefore, the learning help in understanding the appropriate ways of helping people to handle stress, relate with others and make appropriate choices.

Artifact example of the learning

The learning has an artifact of course reflection and goal statements (Tondora,, 2014).? . The importance of the artifacts is to provide evidence of growth and a defined plan for the continued developments. Here is the plan artifact ” i. Growth reflection across the study courseii. Strength identificationiii. Areas of the learning continued growthiv. Goals for addressing the continued growth areasv.Mental Health Counseling Assignment

Goals for the sustained development

Career goal for the learningMental health counseling has a primary goal of ensuring a professional relationship that empower power people, families and groups to acquire appropriate mental health, wellness and career goals. This goes hand in hand with the Gamble and Gamble textbook which suggest that if one need to improve his or her ability to relate to people in their social life, they should start making communication work (Gamble, & Gamble, 2006). Relatively, a counselor must be able to communicate professionally when solving mental health problems.


Gamble, T. K., & Gamble, M. (2006). Communication works. McGraw-Hill.

Tondora, J., Miller, R., Slade, M., & Davidson, L. (2014).? Partnering for recovery in mental health: A practical guide to person-centered planning. John Wiley & Sons. Mental Health Counseling Assignment

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