Media Influence on Gender and Equality Essay

Media Influence on Gender and Equality Essay

The media influence how people perceive gender equality. As such, the media portrays how different genders relate. In the recent past, the media have been condemned for compromising on the intention of realizing gender equality. Similarly, they have been accused of propagating undesirable gender prejudices. According to women activists, the media misrepresent and portray women as sexual objects. With respect to utilitarianism theory, the media should end gender prejudices by implementing policies that please all parties (Singer, 2003). Critics suggest that the theory should not be adopted because it may perpetuate immoral acts while trying to please the involved parties. In spite of the critics’ sentiments, the media should formulate and implement decisions that will enhance happiness for both parties.Media Influence on Gender and Equality Essay


Utilitarianism is a moral concept, which determines right and wrong based on the results of selecting an act or rule over other acts or rules (Singer, 2003). The standard of utility is evaluated against every other action in a circumstance of choice. With respect to consequences, utilitarianism encompasses all the good and bad effects resulting from the decision chosen. The effects are considered whether the decision has been implemented or not. When the dissimilarities between the consequences of options are not great, the options are not perceived as being moral. Mill (2013) suggests, “Actions or decision should be perceived as ethically right or wrong when the repercussions are of such significance that an individual would desire to see the cause compelled to perform in the favoured way” (Haines, 2014). Unlike deontology theory, the concept moves away from the choice of an individual’s welfares and takes into account the welfares of everyone.



With respect to utilitarianism, the media should end gender prejudices by choosing decisions based on the consequences of their choices. The media should settle on a choice that will enhance happiness between both parties. As such, the media have distorted the perception of women in society by misrepresenting them, displaying them as submissive beings, and by portraying them as sexual objects. They should try to expand their boundaries to allow the equal representation of all genders in the industry. Similarly, they should stop depicting women as sexual objects. By doing so, the industry will enable women to compete equally with their male counterparts. Women will also get equal opportunities as men do in the industry. In addition, the media will enhance their reputation by enhancing equal representation. Based on the above illustrations, it is apparent that the above acts will result in maximum happiness between both parties.


According to those who object utilitarianism, the concept should not be utilized because sometimes it defends immoral acts. With respect to the above case, the theory supports any decision or act that will result in greater happiness for both the women and the media. For instance, the media can retrench a number of men and replace them with women. Similarly, the media can employ women only into new vacancies. In addition, opportunities expected in the future can be preserved for women. Through the above initiatives, the media will address the social inequalities that had been directed at the female gender in the past. The actions will enhance the media’s reputation. Despite the benefits of the above acts, it should be noted that the decision taken is unethical as it gives women more privileges over men. By doing so, the theory has gone against its main goal of enhancing gender equality.Media Influence on Gender and Equality Essay


In conclusion, it should be noted that the media should end the above challenges by adopting policies or acts that will result in greater happiness for both the industry and the women. The media should settle on a choice that will enhance happiness to both parties, instead of listening to the critics’ opinions that suggest that with utilitarianism theory, immoral acts can be defended.


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