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SLO #2 Marketing Study: Students will be able to construct an academic study linked to a contemporary marketing topic, issue, or trend. Students enrolled will be required to conduct original research to write a marketing study (ezzay or case analysis) on a selected topic.

Due: Friday, Friday, March 18, 2022 Students enrolled in MKTG 231 Principles of Marketing will be required to work individually to research and write a formal business/marketing ezzay. This assignment requires dedication to detail and time.

Students are required to conduct research and write an expository ezzay on a selected topic. Students must conduct original research to craft the ezzay. Original research means that students are to become familiar with NJCU’s Guarini Library database to locate and examine secondary sources. The link to the library is located on the left-hand menu from the course home page. This syllabus includes an extensive list of approved reverences. (If you need it, I’ll give you my login)

Submissions must follow the published template along with the rules of basic writing fundamentals (grammar, punctuation, sentence, and paragraph formation, spelling etc.) Marketing homework help

Do not use or cite references in any of the following forms: a textbook, online dictionary, or tutorial reference.

GOOGLE searches, blogs, company homepages, Wiki, ASK, or ABOUT-like sources are not acceptable. Go to the Content page > then on to the Semester Ezzay folder.


Examine each of the items in the folder. Locate and read not less than five, (5) references of which one must be an academic marketing journal for this is a three, (3) page assignment.

The standard cover page and formal  APA reference page are in addition to the three-page ezzay.

Other references must be current applied professional/business articles on the industry, company, brand, and competitors.

Submissions must follow the rules of basic writing fundamentals (grammar, punctuation, sentence, and paragraph formation, spelling etc.)

Please type in a 12-point font with 1.5 spacing.

Submissions must include the standard course cover page and formal reference page in APA 7th style.

Submit as a WORD document (not PDF).

Topic: The Effect of Covid-19 on Shopping Behavior

Thesis: According to a recent McKinsey & Co. survey, 76 percent of Americans who said they have tried a new shopping behavior—a different shopping method, digital shopping options, new website or store, or different brands—since the pandemic started, and 75%-84% say they plan to continue using what they tried, post-pandemic (McKinsey, 2021). In-store or online, the future of retail is experience. Showrooms will be places for shoppers to touch products and for brands to tell stories, supported by e-commerce. Marketing homework help

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