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You will need to use the following template to complete this activity:

  • SWOT Analysis Template [DOCX].

A SWOT analysis is a fact-based framework to analyze both your internal and external environment.

Some of the common areas to address in the strengths portion of a SWOT analysis include:

  • Company’s assets.  Management homework help
  • How company and offerings are different from competitors.
  • Unique resources the company can access.

Some of the common areas to address in the weaknesses portion of a SWOT analysis include:

Some of the common areas to address in the opportunities portion of a SWOT analysis include:

  • Having a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Having a unique selling proposition.
  • Having exclusive relationships with suppliers or distributors.
  • Ability to fill a gap for underserved or underdeveloped market need.

Some of the common areas to address in the threats portion of a SWOT analysis include:

  • Potential entrants into market.
  • Steady supply of raw materials at consistent price.
  • Political, economic, social, and technological (PEST) factors. Management homework help

Review the Southwest Airlines Co. SWOT Analysis.


Please complete the following:

  • Using the template provided, complete the SWOT analysis matrix for your company, identifying three strengths, three weaknesses, three opportunities, and three threats.
  • Below the SWOT analysis matrix in the template, provide a rationale for each strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat you identified in your SWOT analysis. Management homework help
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