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HOSP 3005 Leading Service Excellence

Term Project Part 2


This project is designed to allow you to complete primary components of a quality improvement project.  The information and data will be provided to you in class and/or in documents.  You will use this information to work through the Six Sigma DMAIC process.  This is the second phase of this project.


  • This Phase of your term project is due via the Assignment Link by 11:59 PM, Eastern. Sunday on the due date.
  • This Phase of your term project is worth 75 of the 300 total points for the project.
  • Late Work will not be accepted. Management homework help

Part 2 (Measure)


In this phase, you will be required to complete the Measure phase of the problem.  You will need to define the Critical to Quality elements and how to measure them.  Data will be provided to you, and you must develop Control Charts for the CTQ data. These measurements are for the baseline period.  The baseline period is the period of time prior to you implementing the project change(s).  Later, in the Control Phase, you will compare the baseline period to the periods after the process change(s) are made.  This allows you to see if the project changes actually identified the root cause and corrected/improved the process.


Make certain you are referring to the Discussion Forum on the CTQ measurements before you recommend your CTQ’s.


Measure Phase:

  1. Develop Critical to Quality components of this project for both internal and external customers.  Following the discussion on the forum this week, your instructor will determine which CTQ elements will be used.
    1. For each of these, write a short section on how this process is measured. Management homework help
  2. Prepare baseline measurement control charts based on the data file that has been provided to you.
    1. One Chart for each measurement.  See notes on the require chart format
    2. Baseline control charts must be prepared in Excel and copied into your project Word document once you are done.  You will submit ONLY the Word document that will include the copies of the charts.


Chart Requirements:

  1. Each Chart must have a title.
  2. All Charts are LINE charts.
  3. All periods are on the Chart.
  4. The LOWER limit on the vertical axis is set to be slightly less than the lowest data point value. This is REALLY IMPORTANT
  5. The UPPER limit on the vertical axis is set to be slightly more than the highest data point value. This is REALLY IMPORTANT
  6. The vertical axis is properly formatted for the correct type of value ($, %, or count)
  7. Each chart must have a TREND line.

Example Chart

Grading Rubric: 

  1. Document is professionally written using the language of Business and of Six Sigma.
  2. Document is written as if it were being presented to a Senior executive and sponsor of your project.
  3. Document is formatted as if it were being presented to a Senior executive and sponsor of your project.
  4. Was the procedure for the use of the tools followed correctly? For this assignment specifically, were the specific instructions for chart format followed.
  5. Spelling, Grammar, and Format. Management homework help
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