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AEDV310 Assignment 2 Instructions
Part I:
The first section can be written in response to the question number in academic writing style,
using APA style citations and reference section as described.
1. In your own words, define trait-based leadership (2-3 sentences).
2. Provide a direct quotation within the same paragraph that describes trait-based leadership.
“Use APA style for the quotation and citation for the quote” (Author, YEAR, p. #).
3. Discuss the characteristics of trait-based leadership shown (or not shown) by Chris
Gardner. Use specific examples from the film (Director, YEAR, timestamp) to
illustrate your answer (~ 1-page) Besure to time-stamp the location of the specific
examples, cite appropriately, and use areference page. Management homework help
4. Explain how understanding trait-based perspectives of leadership can have an impact on
your learning (~1/2 page)


Part II:
The following section is reflective in nature and does not require APA style citation or
references. Remember to use first person (“I”, “me”, “my”) when writing reflections and to
avoid use of second-person language such as “you”, “your”, “you’re”.
Consider how you would best incorporate the concepts learned this week into your lifestyle,
and how these concepts can add to your classroom success. Write a minimum of 3-7
sentences per 1 paragraph for the topics listed below (a – d):
a. nutrition
b. exercise
c. trait-based leadership
d. reading comprehension (state the methods you are using to enhance your reading). Management homework help

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