Management homework help

Deliverable for this is Researched Questions and Answers. First, you will consider the questions provided for you and then jot down any other questions that come to mind. Then, seek out credible sources that address your questions. Remember, in a field like emerging technology, it’s important to seek out credible and timely research.


Questions provided: We need to create two questions same like below

1) What are possible major disruptions? How will you advise on adoption? How will you address training of employees? How will you ensure security to embrace emerging technologies?

2) Regarding emerging technologies, how are these issues reflected: employment practices, human and environmental rights, corruption, privacy, and the moral obligation of corporations?


Problem statement for reference:

In years to come, the industrial internet of things (IIoT) could significantly increase productivity and slash costs across manufacturing, transportation, logistics, energy, and other industries. Because of the multitude of connected devices and vast volume of data produced by the IIoT, as well as the possibility of combining IIoT with AI technologies (AI enables companies to analyze this volume of data) to enable “smart” machines that simulate intelligent behavior, organizations must address the future privacy concerns of their stakeholders, employees, and customers.

How can your organization, a major player in healthcare and fitness technology, implement a strategic plan to address privacy concerns? Management homework help


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