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Early pregnancy information
Fran Smith is booking with you today as her LMC at 7 weeks gestation. She is G1 P0.
Fran is attending the appointment with her partner Frank. Fran is worried because she recently went to a friend’s party and had quite a few drinks. She has found that a drink sometimes helps with her premenstrual symptoms. When her period did not arrive a month ago Fran did a pregnancy test which was positive.
Fran is feeling anxious now about her drinking and asks you if there is anything to be worried about. She has tried hard not to drink since the party but has ‘had the occasional one’.


Guide to writing the Case Study:
LO 1: Articulates the theory of midwifery partnership and Cultural Safety.
From the information provided – Briefly discuss:
• Ways in which you will work with Fran and whanau at this first meeting to establish partnership and be culturally safe. Management homework help
• How you address the information Fran has disclosed re her recent alcohol consumption.
• How a midwife might be challenged when discussing recommended care with a woman who may have different views or capacity re healthy lifestyle .
LO 3: Practice reasoning is applied to variations of the physiological process.
• Discuss further assessment/evaluation of Fran that you may make.
• State your plan of care for Fran at 7 weeks gestation and for the remainder of her pregnancy.
• Provide rationales for assessment and your plan of care.
LO 4: Differentiate professional frameworks that guide midwifery practice.
• Throughout your discussion refer to and discuss the main frameworks that guide midwifery practice when caring for a woman who may be consuming alcohol in pregnancy eg. NZCOM and MCNZ guidance, Ministry of Health guidance, Primary Maternity Service Notice, Referral Guidelines, National and DHB guidelines.
LO 5: Integrates research findings and evidence supporting midwifery practice.
• Discussion of Fran’s care needs to be supported by research evidence. Some literature (ie 2 -3 research articles) is expected amongst the required minimum of 10 recent relevant references
• Guidelines need to be appropriate and referenced (eg. National, MOH, DHB etc).
• Briefly discuss any controversial aspects related to alcohol use in pregnancy.
LO 6: Presents work to the appropriate academic standard.
• The case study is clearly written, structured in a clear manner and correctly referenced following APA 7th edition. Management homework help

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