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1) Read the South Beach Pizza Case Study on page 241 of your textbook. Design a process that meets your requirements for an effective pizza delivery process. Describe it by using a flowchart similar to what was discussed in class Monday (02/28) evening. You can attached the flowchart to your post.


2) Read the Taco Bell Case study on page 293 of your textbook. 1) Draw a flow diagram of the process using the format discussed in Monday (02/28) evening’s class. 2) Consider a base case where a customer arrives every 40 seconds and the Customer Service Champion can handle 120 customers per hour. There are two Food Champions, each capable of handling 100 orders per hour. How long should it take to be served by the restaurant (From the time a customer enters the kiosk queue until her food is delivered?) Use queuing models to determine your estimate. 3) On average, how busy are the Customer Service Champions and the two Food Champions? 4) Could this type of analysis be used for other service-type businesses? Give examples to support your answer. Management homework help

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