Literature homework help

  1. Define and explain the theories.
  2. Provide examples of the theory as it applies to literature in general such as literary canon texts universally known.
  3. Provide examples as it applies to at least 2/3 of the texts discussed in class.
  4. Research 2 academic article that uses the theory to analyze 2 of the texts discussed in class. (Library databases or Google Scholar)


  1. Be presented in both a visual and audio way (in other words, everybody has a speaking part in order to satisfy the course’s oral component).
  2. Make sure that ALL the names of the participants are listed in the first slide. Also, the name(s) of each contributor should be included in ALL the slides for which they are directly responsible.
  3. Follow effective public speaking guidelines discussed in class. (I will share this with you in the upcoming weeks – at least two weeks before your presentations.)
  4. Include an activity that involves the class.
  5. Do not exceed 20 minute limit.
  6. Be creative!
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