Link between Environment and Addiction Essay

Link between Environment and Addiction Essay

There is a massive link between environment and addiction. Evidently, an environment where a person comes from can influence the aspects of drug abuse and the alleged addiction. The study undertaken with rats indicate that environment contribute considerably to the aspects of addiction due to numerous factors. Contextually, it is evident from the study that when rats are exposed to an addictive environment, they tend to develop addiction in various factors..Link between Environment and Addiction Essay

Biologically, their systems develop tolerance to the addictive factors in the concerned environment. Consequently, they cannot do without such stimuli. Environment is a critical contributor to the aspects of drug abuse and the alleged addiction. It is important to agree that its influence on rats is massive with regard to the study. Concurrently, the concerned environment can necessitate the use of a particular drug for survival.

Evidently, the body systems of addicts require drugs in order to operate normally (Peele, 1998). Concurrently, withdrawal symptoms indicated earlier can actually enhance the need to continue using drugs. The study indicated how test animals (rats) required particular drugs to operate normally. Their immediate environment necessitated the continuity of using such drugs. This indicates the link between environment and addiction and how the two can influence the continuity of drug abuse despite the challenges..Link between Environment and Addiction Essay

Implications on Addiction

Some studies front numerous implications on addiction theories. For example, studies showing that human beings and rats are not ‘prone’ to take drugs based (solely) on the effects fronted by the concerned drugs is important in this context. This indicates that the ultimate effect of a given drug is not the only contributor to drug abuse and addiction.

It indicates varying implications on the aspects of drug abuse and addiction as indicated earlier. This thwarts the aspects of biological theory, which indicates that drugs are taken to counter the withdrawal symptoms experienced when one tries to quite drug abuse and addiction. Since the body develops some tolerance to any abused drug, the mechanisms developed to respond to such drug effects must also be countered by the effects of the concerned drug.


This shows why drug addicts continue to abuse drugs despite the lethal effects (of such drugs) and condemnations drawn globally. It is crucial to understand various aspects of drug abuse in the realms of their effects and other characterizing features. This is a considerable provision in the context of drug abuse and addiction. Additionally, humans and rats (according to the study) might abuse drugs in order to satisfy their psychological needs.

This reason contrast the ultimate effects presented by the concerned drugs. One’s desires to take a drug can be driven by psychological and environmental factors, a fact that contrasts the ultimate effects of the concerned drug. This indicates disparities and implications noticeable in the context of addiction indicated earlier..Link between Environment and Addiction Essay

Research on Overpopulated Human Areas

Contextually, the study undertaken on overpopulated areas regarding the incidences of drug abuse and addiction reveals pertinent issues. It is evident that drug abuse is higher in the crowded inner cities than in overpopulated countries. This is due to the exposure and accessibility to illicit drugs among people in the crowded towns.

Globally, drug abuse is extensively common in the crowded cities where the rates of unemployment and other related factors are higher (Peele, 1998). Conversely, it is improper to claim that overpopulation in a particular country can contribute to the aspects of drug abuse and addiction.


Peele, S. (1998). The meaning of addiction: An unconventional view. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers.Link between Environment and Addiction Essay

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