Leadership in Nursing Practice

Leadership in Nursing Practice

1. Completion of a mid-term paper, worth 15 points of the final semester computation. Understand that the mid-term paper is not optional, it is mandatory. Criteria for this written assignment are in the semester grade computation section. Late submissions will be penalized with an automatic 10 point deduction. The Learning Center (TLC) at the library is a resource for term paper assistance and confirmation of utilizing this resource will be part of the mid-term paper grade.
IX. Learning Guide
A. Mid-term Paper Assignment:
Criteria: Leadership in Nursing Practice
§ Correct APA format
§ Include subheading to denote each section
§ Abstracts are NOT necessary.
§ 5-6 pages (the body of the paper, excludes title and reference pages)
§ Title page
§ Reference page
§ Minimally 5-7 references; less than 5 years old, utilize, .edu, .gov and, .org websites, to emphasize professional resources.
§ Include at least two evidenced based practice research articles from the CINAHL databasethe librarian can help you with this.
§ Document internal citation (giving credit to resources used; if not can be considered plagiarism)
§ Any collusion or plagiarized work with be given a zero (0) and may result in removal from the program per syllabus.
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