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Guidelines for Crime Data Paper (Step 2)

State: Massachusetts

City: Dorchester

Feedback from first Paper: The exercise is correct, only that you are not using the total of violent crimes. Please indicate on the step 2 of the paper the type of violent crime you are working with.

Demonstrate you know how interpret crime rates per 100,000, explain and analyze the causes of violent crime in your town/city, and propose measures for violent crime prevention and control.

The Assignment

You are a criminologist hired by the Chief of the Police Department in your town/city and you are asked to produce a report analyzing the data collected for the step 1of the Data Crime Paper. To produce this report, you need to conduct research and analyze specific violent crimes happening in your town/city and propose measures for crime prevention and control. Law homework help

This is what you need to include in the report:
A. Title:  Violent Crime in Dorchester, Analysis, Prevention and Control

  1. Introductory Points.
  • Provide a brief background about the town/city you are working on. This

background should include socio-demographic facts such as: total population, main economic activity, rates of unemployment and poverty, most common types of violent crime and their patterns in your community. Also, indicate the period used for the collected data (for instance 2010 -2019).

  • You can search the Internet to find demographic information on your town/city; use the U.C.R databases to find information on most prevalent violent crimes in your town/city (always using rate per 100,000), and use Chapter 2, Section on Crime Patterns to suggest the patterns of the most common crimes in your town/city.
  • This section should be of a minimum of 250 words. Don’t forget to use in-text citations to indicate the sources whenever is needed.


  1. Data Analysis
  • Start this section by inserting the table comparing violent crime between the state and the town/city and the graph showing crime trends from the step 1 of the assignment. Please incorporate any feedback provided in the step 1 of the paper, if it applies. You can see the feedback on my grades.
  • Contrast and analyze the violent crime trends between the state and the town/city making any references to numbers in rates per 100,000. For instance, based on the trends show in the graph, how rates per 100,000 of violent crime in your town/city compared to the state? Are the lines following the same trends for both totals of violent crime? What are the differences? And what are the possible explanations to those differences. Click here for explanations on the use of rates per 100,000 and here for an example of comparison of murder rates per 100,000 in U.S. cities. Law homework help


  • Analyze the causes and patterns of the most common violent crimes in your town/city identified in the in the introduction. Use Chapter 2, Section on Crime Patterns (Seasonal and Chapter 10, Causes of violent crime to discuss and explain on the causes of violent crime in your community. You probably will identify different patterns and causes depending on the type of most common crimes in your town/city.
  • For this section use a minimum of 400 words and at least four (4) in-text citations from the chapters in the textbook (that correctly follow the MLA style) to support your arguments or points, plus in-text citations from additional sources from the Internet (if used).
  1. Crime Prevention and Control
  • Based on your analysis in the previous section and the demographics in the

introduction, advice the Chief of the Police Department in your town/city how to prevent and lower violent crime. In your strategy consider a combination of prevention, rehabilitation, and deterrence strategies.

  • Use sections on Public Policy on chapters (4 – 9) from Part 2 in the textbook for ideas on crime prevention and control depending on the main violent crimes identified in your community.
  • For this section use a minimum of 300 words, use in-text citations as you need them to support your arguments. Law homework help
  1. Conclusion/Reaction

Provide a short reaction about your findings. What is the most important thing your learned by completing the assignment?
This section a minimum of 200 words.


Use times New Roman, double space and 12 as a font size. In-text citations and the list of bibliographic sources must follow the MLA format style. See rules in “Handy Materials,” main menu.


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