Iraq and Congo Essay Sample

Iraq and Congo Essay Sample 


Political disasters occur as a result of divergent opinions and views. Failure to agree upon a certain decision or appreciate a certain move results to political turmoil. More often than not, leaders agree upon a certain issue which drive them to a point of proving themselves right by triggering a reaction from the public. Such behaviours result to welfare and upheavals. In most cases, some other nation tend to resolve their dispute in an attempt to restore peace which in turn fuel warfare than curbing it. Moreover, some nations have hidden interest concealed behind the peace keeping mission. Doyle et al, (2016) stipulate that the United States and other first world nations should be blamed for all the problems experienced in the developing countries. A good example of nations suffering in the hands of the west are Congo and Iraq. This paper will analyse how the influence of the western countries continue to hinder peace achievement.Iraq and Congo Essay Sample


Iraq possess numerous resources with petroleum being the main. It has one of the largest oil rig in the Emirate sphere. The discovery if this treasure by the U.S government marked the beginning of warfare. There was no way the U.S government was abandoning the discovered oil. Heinze (2011) lays down that  discovered mineral would boost the U.S economy in a big way. However, the Iraq government decline the request fronted by the U.S government to partner in drilling the oil. First, the turned down offer would portray the U.S government weaker and coward to acquire the mineral by force. Secondly, the U.S reputation would be injured and subsequently the economy would still stagnate.Iraq and Congo Essay Sample

The Wazis ware aware of the treasure and were making advances to partner with Iraq. The British government had established partnership with Iraq already. The U.S government backed the British to exterminate the Wazis. These marked one of the interventions made by the U.S government. Communism was highly detested by the U.S government leading to confrontation with Soviet Union. In pursuit for democracy, the U.S supported the Kurdish soldiers who rebelled against the government. These intervention resulted to loss of life. Saddam Hussein driven by the greed to expand Iraq territory resulted to warfare with Iran.Iraq and Congo Essay Sample

Despite the warnings by the U.S government, Saddam proceeded to expanding his territory resulting to warfare.  Hamilakis (2009) stipulates that the government intervention to bring peace between these two countries fuelled further the situation. Collin Powel was right when he stated that, “you break it, you own it.” Saddam Hussein regime had been brought down and replaced by U.S government. Iraq has been a turmoil since the intervention by the western countries. The big challenge lies in reconciling back the nation in order to restore peace. The moral obligation left is to design approaches to restore sanity in order to stabilise the country. However, in light with the repercussions of the intervention done by the U.S government the possibility of stabilizing Iraq is nearly zero.Iraq and Congo Essay Sample



The west for a long time since pre-colonial period has controlled and owned Congo. Despite Congo attaining independence from Belgium, the government continued being allies with the colonizers. Leopold II brutality continued being felt to the Congolese even after independence. Belgium worked in handy to exterminate Patrice Lumumloa who was campaigning for the complete eradication of the colonisers. There was no way the government was going to terminate Belgiums resulting to his assassination.

U.S government and Belgium collaborated to support Mobutu Seseko, the then president in his tyrannical years.Mobutu was a strong ally with the west and hated communism (Autesserre, 2010).in his regime, the government was corrupt with millions of people enduring pangs of hunger. The country was in turmoil with warfare lasting for more than a decade before overthrowing Mobutu. Hunger and diseases punctuated the turmoil resulting to death of more than 5 million citizens. According to Doyle et al, (2016) detail that the U.N troops have been in Congo for more than ten years trying to restore peace all in vain. People continue to die each month and evacuations are in order of the day. Congo has never been liberated from colonialism since the country is still being swayed by the west. The moral obligation still remains to the west to at least try and restore sanity in the country. However, the legacy left by the colonisation and intervention reaffirm the impossibility of restoring peace in the world in short term.Iraq and Congo Essay Sample


Interventions fostered by a foreign country should result to peace. However, in the case of Congo and Iraq the intervention fuelled the disaster. The motives behind assisting the country to restore sanity should be transparent and clearly stated. The citizens interpret the intervention as suppression resulting to rebellion and costing millions of lives in the confrontation.

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