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W2 415 Project Scope And Schedule

The purpose of this assignment it to identify project scope and develop an IT project schedule. You will use Microsoft Project and Excel to complete this assignment. Refer to Appendix A in the textbook for guidance in using Microsoft Project.

Part 1

Complete the “Work Breakdown Structure Template” using the information from the project charter and other relevant information from the Chapter 4 “Running Case.” Break the work down to Level 3 or Level 4, as appropriate for the project. Review Figure 5-3, Figure 5-4, and Table 5-4 from Chapter 5 of the textbook as a guide. Complete the “Work Breakdown Structure Template.” Information Systems homework help


Enter the work breakdown structure (WBS) in Microsoft Project by creating a new Microsoft Project file titled “Global Treps Project Rev 0.”

Part 2

  1. Use the “Global Treps Project Tasks” template to create the work breakdown structure for the new Microsoft Project file, then save as Rev 1 for the assignment.
  2. Use the “Global Treps Project Durations Template” to compute the program evaluation review technique (PERT) weighted average durations (in days) for the lowest level tasks for the Global Treps project. Round answers to the nearest whole number.
  3. Edit the Microsoft Project file and call it “Global Treps Project Rev 1.” Manually enter the PERT weighted average durations you calculated into the “Duration” field in the Microsoft Project file. Do not copy and paste this information from the “Global Treps Project Durations Template” file.
  4. Assume that you have previously met with your team to identify the immediate predecessors for each lowest level task and that this information has been recorded in the “Global Treps Project Predecessor Template.” Using the information in the “Global Treps Project Predecessor Template,” assign the required predecessors to each lower level task in the “Global Treps Project Rev 1” Microsoft Project file. Note that every lowest level task, with the exception of the first task, should have a predecessor and a successor, with the exception of the last task. Information Systems homework help
  5. Ensure that “Summary” tasks (bold tasks) do not have predecessors or successors assigned to them.
  6. In the Microsoft Project “Global Treps Project Rev 1” file, indicate the critical path for the Global Treps Project.
  7. Submit the “Work Breakdown Structure Template,” “Global Treps Project Durations Template,” the “Global Treps Project Rev 0,” and “Global Treps Project Rev 1” Microsoft Project files.

General Requirements

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.  .

Templates attached.

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