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Assignment #2: Knowledge Management System (KMS)


Continuing with the situation found in Assignment 1 – Part 1, your team has won the contract to plan, oversee, execute the digital transformation at the organization. The CEO believes that the first task is to introduce a Knowledge Management System (KMS) into the organization. As with all capital intensive I.T. projects, there needs to be research and understanding of how this project will impact the department, organization, and customers.Part 1:

The CEO wants to understand the scope of Knowledge Management System impact to the organization.



  • 1)What change management process would be used to implement the KMS?
  • •2) If the organization had to choose a department to start the KMS deployment, which department would be the best choice? Given that the team does not know anything about the state of the departments, what kind of characteristics of process, people, customers within a department indicates an urgency to launch KMS in that department?
  • 3) What kind of training plan is needed to help employees engage with the KMS?
  • 4)What are some of the associated costs with KMS implementation? Provide an overview of the costs ranging from capital costs, training costs, and other associated costs. Information Systems homework help
  • 5) Any other important facts, issues, or challenges the team thinks the CEO needs to know.


  • The project will be written in APA 7th edition format.



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