Importance of Communication Assignment

Importance of Communication Assignment

All the people in the world are inextricably related by one thread. This connector is a language. No matter where exactly in the world human located, he will find an interlocutor. The process of dealing with people we call communication. We are charring with others by different thoughts, ideas and feelings through speech. Being sociable is the first law of success in life. If a person knows how to find a common language with other people, she always finds the key to any castle in life. Ability to present yourself and keep the conversation is prized everywhere. This could include everything from communicating with friends, classmates and ending with the work in the team of serious organization. However, this is not easy to communicate right. To do it correctly, a person should be not only erudite, but also know the rules of ethics.Importance of Communication Assignment

There are two main types of communication: verbal and non-verbal. These two types are inseparable and indispensable for every person. However, there are also minor types such as visual and written.


 Verbal communication is the most used form of speaking. When we are talking to each other, we create a dialog. Some times, because of conversations depends many things in people lives. Therefore, to avoid difficulties in communication, people should control their language. Pollution of their mother tongue with obscenities and foreign words does not make anybody a better reputation. People should read more and train themselves in order to communicate properly.Importance of Communication Assignment

Non-verbal type is using when human could not speak. In dealing deaf and dumb people, non-verbal communication is the main kind. However, it does not always depend on the disease. In non-verbal speaking, we are using special gestures, nods and glances. Process of interaction between verbal and nonverbal types could strengthen or weaken the effect of each other. In speaking, people react differently to nonverbal signals: some are sensitive to it, others – or are not familiar with this area of communication. Therefore, one should distinguish between where and under what conditions it is possible to apply certain gestures. Positive verbal feedback provides a beneficial effect at the relationship between the interlocutors while negative generates destructive relationships. One greeting can be spoken with many different shades. A person transmits it through facial expressions, gestures, intonations that reflect subtle play of human moods and feelings.

Visual communication is very important in advertisement. Human look at the big board and understands that he wanted to buy this thing and not any other. The merit here exactly goes to advertiser who provides the information in the right form. Another example, where person asks inhabitant of the city the direction in which he must go. Because of the correct explanation on the map, he understands and gets the destination.Importance of Communication Assignment

Written communication is very important in dialogues. If someone can not talk, he could try to write or draw it on the paper. For example, employer had the opportunity to hold a meeting at work with foreign guests. He forgets expression in that language and do not know how to explain some important information. In this situation, a person can be saved by a pen and ordinary sheet of paper. Explainer can write anything that he wants to say. However, this option is only for those who can draw nicely.

To summarize the theme of communications we should mention that it does not matter what thoughts human has. More important is to be able to express them properly. Keep in mind that selecting the correct word, gesture and facial expression, one can convince in any case. Do not lose hope if your skills are not the best. Remember that will never too late to learn.Importance of Communication Assignment


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