Impacts of Societal Movements on Education Sample Essay

Impacts of Societal Movements on Education Sample Essay

Societal movements have had a significant impact on the learning experiences of both women and students of color in the recent past. In the past women had been striving for political and social equality for decades. As a result of these movements, they have become intensely aware of their own intervention as political and societal actors in the recent past. They have been able to fight back against being termed rationally and reclaimed the dignity of personhood which historically they had been denied (Boston University 3). Through this, they have been able to use their imagination to withstand devotion to issues that had earlier been overlooked or terminated. In a nutshell, these movements have been able to draw attention to the dissatisfaction that women have always felt and set an affirmative tone addressing issues affecting women. Impacts of Societal Movements on Education Sample Essay


             The recent movements such as the Women’s March have offered a chance for the women to reflect on political conversations about the rights of women and gender-related roles in American society. Women have been able to come together thus sending a clear message to different arms of the government addressing issues of sexism and claims of sexual misconducts experienced during electioneering periods. Women involvement in politics have created leadership that reflects a balanced representation of all genders through which diversity in activism and leadership have been achieved. Impacts of Societal Movements on Education Sample Essay


            These recent movements such as the Black Lives Matter calls for action, highlighting the role of social media, demonstration, and negotiation in and outside of the classroom. Through the different social media platforms, a number of issues such as different types of racism in institutions and mass incarceration of children of color have been highlighted (Bank and McGee 15). As a result, black kids have come to realize they have equal rights compared to their white counterparts and have the capability of reading and achieving their goals. They have also come to realize they should not be arrested and charged for crimes they did not commit. In conclusion, it should be remembered that teaching about these movements requires educational methodology and politics.

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Impacts of Societal Movements on Education Sample Essay

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