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This project is designed to help you continue to develop the concept you began earlier.

Concept- Pseudo Company: Quick Shopper a new and innovative mobile application that will change how customers shop. Quick Shopper allows the customer to walk into any store go shopping and check out without needing a paper receipt. With the Quick Shopper app, the customer uses their mobile device’s camera, scanning products onto their device with a QR code on the product creating an electronic receipt that is stored either in the phones memory or on our servers eliminating the need for paper receipts, reducing waste, and allowing returns with extreme ease.




You now reach the “Now What?†analysis. Your business has grown, or matured, and you may

be considering the future of your business, and your potential role in Christian service.


1. Briefly overview the history of your company over the four courses in this cognate and

the new industry/market that you are considering entering in this later stage of this


2. Describe how the cognate has impacted your (pseudo) business and the value of the

overall exercise(s) to your understanding of business operations.

3. Name the 3 or 4 critical success factors that must be understood and planned for or other

principles you learned in the cognate.

4. What are your four most important takeaways from the cognate (please be specific)?

5. Read and explain what Psalms 1 has to say about all (business) ventures you may


Create a 500-word essay in Word, not including an abstract, cover/title page or references.

Current APA formatting, spell/grammar checked, proper references are required.

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