Identify the key similarities and differences between the two theoretical approaches

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Unit 4AA Discussion 1 & 2? $30.00 Due (Friday) 7/29/2018.
Unit 4 Discussion 1
Theoretical Approaches and Counseling Techniques
Compare the counseling techniques you observed in the person-centered counseling videos (with the child, Wood), to the counseling techniques you observed in the video that corresponded to the additional chapter you selected in Counseling Children.
Identify the key similarities and differences between the two theoretical approaches in the following areas, using course readings to support your conclusions:
· Typical therapeutic goals for helping children and adolescents.
· Counseling methods and process used by the counselors used in the video sessions.
· Specific techniques used by the counselors, and the client’s response.
· Adaptability of the theory for use with children from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
o APA Style and Format.
[u04d2] Unit 4 Discussion 2
Unit 4 Discussion 2
How Theories Determine Interventions
Discussion Scenario
For this discussion, first imagine the following scenario.
A father of a 4-year-old boy brings his son to counseling. His son has recently begun biting other children at preschool. As would be expected, this behavior is extremely upsetting to the teachers, the children who have been bitten, and their parents. The director of the preschool has told the father that the problem must be addressed by a professional if the child is to remain in preschool.
The father of the boy wants to get the best help he can, so he arranges an initial session with five counselors who advertise themselves as working from five different theoretical perspectives. He asks them all the same two questions: “Why is my child biting? And how will you make him stop?” He receives the following answers:
Psychodynamic Counselor
· Why: “Your child may have an oral fixation that he has tied to his aggressive impulses.”
· What to do: “When your child’s unconscious motives have been freely expressed and resolved, his behavior and peer interactions will become more age-appropriate.”
Behavioral Counselor
· Why: “It doesn’t matter why; what matters is precisely selecting the behavior you want to change.”
· What to do: “Through observation, we will determine the contingencies that are reinforcing this biting behavior and eliminate them, while simultaneously establishing rewards for desired behaviors.”
Adlerian Counselor
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