Human Resource Management homework help


Please write a paragraph about the background and overall information of the organization/workplace you are using to answer these questions. Human Resource Management homework help


Part B:

  1. Think of a case in which your manager tried to motivate the employees in the organization. Please briefly explain the background information. Which motivational theory did the manager use? Was this the best motivational theory to be applied in such a case? If not, please suggest another theory and provide the rationale.
  2. Think of a previous manager/supervisor you worked with. Please explain his/her leadership style based on the theories you learned in this class. Was this leadership style the most effective for the organization? If not, please suggest another theory and provide the rationale.
  3. Please describe the culture of the organization. What can the organization do to create a more positive culture?
  4. Please describe the structure of the organization. Based on what you learned in the class, how can the structure be modified to help improve the overall productivity and culture of the organization. Human Resource Management homework help
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