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Several collaborative relationships between choreographers and designers are mentioned in this chapter, including lighting designers, costume designers, set designers, and composers. Sometimes, these partnerships are so important, that the choreographer would not be able to realize their vision without the support and collaboration of the design partner.

Watch these three clips. Pick one, and describe how the production elements support the vision for the piece. What production elements do you recognize? Describe all relevant production elements (lighting, set, costume, music, other technical elements) Would this dance change if the production elements were different? Would it be the same piece?  Human Resource Management homework help

Diavolo “Trajectoire”

Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance “Claire de Lune”

Bandaloop “Harboring”

Use at least 50 words to describe the dance, including the design elements, and use the Elements of Dance vocabulary. Use at least 50 additional words to examine how the production elements contribute to the overall piece. Post an original thread with your ideas (minimum of 100 words), and make sure that you clearly demonstrate that you have watched the dance (at least twice).


Post two responses to two other classmates. Your response posts should be a minimum of 50 words each.

classmate 1

I chose the Banaloop “Harboring” video. This video instantly grabbed my attention. This dance is different from the majority that we have seen because the dancers are suspended in the air. They are held up by their waist and float racially around. This dance uses a lot of space because the dancers stretch all the way out and they also intersect by climbing over each other’s shoulders. I think the production lights make this awesome. The lights are light blue and white and it is almost like the dancers are in the clouds. I feel if the lights were any other colors then it wouldn’t be as nice as it is.  Human Resource Management homework help

classmate 2

I really liked this piece because there was a lot of lighting it used. On the bottom of the half sometimes we can see a light behind the circle, especially in the beginning, to really define the movement of the dancers. It adds an element of suspense. The set and scenic design is amazing because for majority of it they are using this half circle that sways back and forth. They are running around, on it and off of it and jumping while it’s moving. Their clothes are tight but still very movable. Since they are doing a ton of running and jumping and leaping, they need to be able to move to the best of their abilities. This piece seems like it would be EXTREMELY difficult to learn and perform.

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