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Assignment # 7

TCM 710 – Project Leadership


Due Date: Tuesday, March 8th at 11:55 PM                                       Name: Enter Name Here


Discussion Board – A discussion topic has been posted in the Instructor Guided Discussion Board for week 7.  Please make at least 1 posting to the discussion board by the due date. Simply posting once every week does not guarantee full credit for the discussion board.  Discussion credit will be evaluated based on your contribution to discussions and your ability to interact with other students in the class.


Homework Assignment # 7

  • Read Chapter 7 from the course text and answer the following questions


Complete the questions in the template at the end of this document and return it through the Assignments Tab in Blackboard.

Additional Instructions:

    • List your answers in the template below.  Expand space for your answer as needed.
    • Provide discussion and thought with the questions (a one sentence response typically is not enough). Human Resource Management homework help
  • Be sure to complete the assignment in this template file and return the entire file using the assignment link located in the Assignments tab.  DO NOT RETURN IT USING REGULAR EMAIL.

Begin Work Here…..  5 points per question number unless otherwise noted (39 points total)


1) Identify and describe the two types of follower groups that can form based on the Vertical Dyadic Linkage Theory. In your description of each group, include at least three typical characteristics of the group members.

2) Explain the term “span of control” as it relates to a leader.  How does a leader’s span of control affect their ability to form a strong positive relationship with every follower?


  1. a) Identify and discuss the key benefits of high quality LMX relationships.
  2. b) Explain how social capital earned by followers in a high quality LMX relationship impacts the leader.

4) Discuss the three major criticisms of LMX theory.

5) The course text lists nine guidelines to becoming an effective follower.  Select one of these guidelines that has particular meaning to you and explain why it is so important.

(6) (9 points) Students in this course often indicate that they would like to improve their delegation skills.  I came across an article that covers the basics pretty well and presents them in a clear and well-organized manner.  The article reference is:


Portney, Stanley E. (2002) The Delegation Dilemma: When Do You Let Go? The Information Management Journal, March/April, 2002, pages 60-64.


You can get the article by going to the MSU library website, selecting Articles and Databases, then selecting Academic Search Complete and typing the title into the search box.

After reading the article, answer the following questions:


6a) Which suggestion in the article would be most helpful to you in improving your delegation skills? (explain why)


6b) The article identifies the “six degrees of delegation” on page 63.  Discuss the one that is used most frequently at your company or that you are most familiar with.


6c) Identify and discuss one concept in the article that is more in-depth and/or more helpful than the delegation material presented in chapter 7 of the text. Human Resource Management homework help



Questions 7-11 Fill in the blank with the most appropriate answer (answers may consist of one or more words as appropriate).  (1 point each)


  1. Leaders commonly use _______________ power to influence out-group members.


  1. A criticism of the LMX-7 survey is that the quality of the exchange relationship is determined solely from the _____________ perspective.


  1. People who consider themselves “masters of their own destiny” are said to have an __________ locus of control.


  1. The ________________ follower can be described as someone who is low on involvement, but high on critical thinking.


  1. Two obstacles to ________________ are when managers fear that employees will fail to accomplish tasks and when managers believe that they can perform tasks more efficiently than others. Human Resource Management homework help
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