How to brief a legal case?

Nursing homework help
1st part of assignment: How to brief a legal case?
Everything has to be in APA format and turn it in please.
Please see below for instructions
Search Engines to Find Legal Cases-In addition to Google, you can also use the search engines below to find a Legal Case
Google Scholar
Simply type into your browser any of the above search engines followed by “Caselaw, and your legal issue,.
For example, “Findlaw, caselaw,, medical malpractice, or, statute of limitations, or lack of informed consent
A sample brief of Roe v. Wade, a landmark case that made the right to an abortion legal.
2. The Supreme Court Hearing and Opinion-Browse through
3. A Reading to better understand the case.
You may use this case for your Legal Ethical Paper should you wish to do so..,%20Roe%20v.%20Wade.docx?ou=6606
2nd part: write the assignment 3-5 pages
See below for example of cases to choose from,%20Medical%20Records%20Case.docx?ou=6606,%20Medical%20Records%20Case.docx?ou=6606
Introduction of case
Background and Setting
Identification of legal issue
Identification of ethical issue
Legal aspects
Ethical Aspects
Impact on local, state, or federal policy and/or general healthcare implications
Please attach your Legal Brief to your Paper

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