How much do you think our behavior is influenced by hormones and chemicals in the nervous system?



1. Define behavior (class definition) then explain what that means.

2. What are neurotransmitters? What are hormones?

3. What do you see as the brain’s role in our behavior?

4. How much do you think our behavior is influenced by hormones and chemicals in the nervous system? Explain.



1. Choose at least three (3) different hormones to discuss

2. Access the YouTube channel below and watch TedEd videos relating to the hormones you chose.

3. Write a summary of each of the videos

4. Include information about what each hormone regulates/its job and how each hormone directly affects our behavior (for example, too much insulin/glucagon  and not enough food to regulate causes us to feel “angry” or agitated) (minimum 300 words)

If the link does not work, go to YouTube, go to the TedEd channel and in the search type “hormones”



1. What is consciousness? Provide the textbook/notes definition and then explain in your own words.

2. Briefly describe three altered states of consciousness.

3. Under what circumstances would you be willing to consider hypnosis and/or meditation as a stress treatment option? What kind of information would you need before you made a decision to use these techniques?



1. Read the article “Long-term effects of Marijuana on the Brain” and either one of the two articles on meditation or the video on exercise.

2. Write a summary of both (250 words minimum)

3. In addition to the summary discuss how the drug and meditation/exercise alter one’s consciousness. What are benefits of each? What are potential detriments of each? (You may pull additional information from other sources; just be sure to cite the additional source).



what sensory processing area of the brain is physically closest to the part of the brain where you process memory?

2. Which of your senses do you consider to be the most emotionally significant? Why?

3. Tell me a story about it!



1. Watch the video Optical illusions show how we see and write a summary (250 words minimum)

2. What did you find to be interesting about this video? How are our perceptions built? Tell me about a time when your perception of something was different than someone else’s (example: the smell of apple scented candles makes me happy because it reminds me of my grandmother, the smell of these candles makes my sister feel ill because my grandmother was burning one of those candles when my sister had a stomach virus – her brain associates the smell with sickness)


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