How many professional sexuality peeps do you know?

How many professional sexuality peeps do you know? Having been in the field for over 24 years, I can attest to the fact that we are a small and often misunderstood group of hard working folks. When people ask me “so what do you do for a living?”, I still find it amusing to watch people contemplate my candid response, “I teach sex”. Oh the assumptions that are made! The fear, the enthusiasm … the barrage of questions! This assignment is an opportunity for you to research the folks who have worked and/or who are working in the fields of Sexuality Education or Clinical Services (counselor, therapist, social worker) or Research or Medicine or Rights Activists. And to develop a richer understanding of what ‘the work’ truly is. Submit your paper in the following order / format. I. Author a biography:  use the Professional Sex Peeps List or identify another sex/ual/ity professional (per my approval)  2 pages (minimum), double spaced with no less than 12 pt font  as in all well-written research papers: identify the source in the text when the idea is new to you AND when you use any phrasing, statistics or quotes directly lifted from the source material ….in APA format. II. Complete Mapping the Research Process: The Road to Sexy Scholarship document (posted on canvas) and copy and paste into your paper III. Works Cited page should be in APA format  at least 3 credible sources from various media (1 each with a leftover)–journals, books, websites, interview IV. Author responses to the following in this format (a., b., c., etc): a. Why did you choose this particular professional sexuality peep? b. What, to you, is most interesting about their history? Work? Personal life choices? c. What surprised you? Made you stop and think? d. What do you feel was/is their most significant or relevant contribution? e. Could you trade places with them? Why or why not? f. How do you think their personal values support/conflict with their work? g. Write a question of your choosing with your response. This question would be a result of your research and can be factual or supposition or musing. spelling, grammar and format count so utilize a proofreader!!

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